Yuletide Manor

Yuletide Manor is a merchant store run by Holly Frost and the Frost family on Tortuga during the Holiday season. It is only open in December and January.

The manor is located in the middle of town, across the street from Callecutter's Tailor Shoppe. A large snowflake emblem on a red, green and white striped banner can easily be seen from outside.

During the rest of the year, the doors will be locked and the banner will not appear.

The Frost Family

Yuletide Manor Interior
The inside of the shop is warm and inviting with a roaring fire and welcoming settee. Nikolaus Frost dances to holiday tunes played by Eleanor Frost, a musician. Leon Frost, another member of the family busily cleans their store for visitors. He also reveals a special holiday gift for those who talk to him.

Behind the counter, Holly (the Frost family matriarch) offers special holiday themed items. These items are offered in exchange for moonstones. Curiously, the family is not interested in gold.

Little is known about the Frost's, except for their apparent love of the holiday season and desire to obtain moonstones instead of gold. After January 31st, the Frosts close up their ship and sail to their home island, which is currently unknown.



Moonstones come in Small, Large and Enchanted. The latter being the most valuable and most rare to find. They are kept in the pirate's inventory along with bones and ship materials.

This special currency can only be found during the holiday season but easily located, as they are dropped by Navy, EITC, Undead Skeleton and Davy Jones' Crew enemies. They are NOT found in ship loot or animal / plant enemies.

Holiday Items

Among the weapons the Frost's offer are a variety of Rare and Famed swords, guns, daggers, dolls, staves, even special grenades.

Card Name Rarity Type Cost (in Moonstones)
Arctic Blast Arctic Blast Famed Pistol S: 350, L: 250, E: 10
Arctic Cutlass Arctic Cutlass Famed Cutlass S: 750, L: 250, E: 25
Arctic Mint Candy Cane Sabre Arctic Mint Candy Cane Sabre Rare Sabre S: 600, L: 150, E: 5
Arctic Throwing Knives Arctic Throwing Knives Famed Dagger S: 350, L: 250, E: 10
Candy Cane Staff Candy Cane Staff Rare Staff S: 600, L: 400
Elf Doll Elf Doll Rare Voodoo Doll L: 450, E: 2
Evergreen Dagger Evergreen Dagger Famed Dagger S: 350, L: 250, E: 10
Gingerbread Doll Gingerbread Doll Rare Voodoo Doll S: 550, L: 350
Orange Cream Candy Cane Sabre Orange Cream Candy Cane Sabre Famed Sabre S: 1000, L: 300, E: 30
Santa Doll Santa Doll Famed Voodoo Doll E: 20
Silver Striker Silver Striker Legendary Cutlass L: 350, E: 1200
Staff of Ice Staff of Ice Famed Staff E: 30
Sugarplum Candy Cane Sabre Sugarplum Candy Cane Sabre Rare Sabre S: 800, L: 250, E: 15

Game Note: The painting of the carrack in the Secret Trading Outpost also appears in the Manor.

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