Staff Wither
Staff sparks

Wither is a Voodoo Staff hex that creates an area-effect that can damage several targets surrounding the pirate using this skill. It can become very lethal at higher levels. Also, a side-effect of Wither will decrease enemy attack power by 30%

Using a Skill Point to increase this ability will increase the damage and lower the amount of time attacks are reduced. The total amount of damage will depend on the user's voodoo staff skill, special abilities and the type of staff used.

  • Unlocked at Voodoo Staff Skill - Level 4
  • Voodoo Power Cost - 60
  • Cast Time: 2 seconds

To use Wither, have your staff drawn and press 3 or click WitherSkill.

Spirit Mastery Rank Hex rank 1 Hex rank 2 Hex rank 3 Hex rank 4 Hex rank 5
0 153-305 350-700
5 219-437
Enemy 30% Power Decrease Duration 15 sec 18 sec 22 sec 26 sec 30 sec

Game Note

It looks like the weaker version of desolation , but doesn't cause you to lose health points. Spending skill points for Spirit Lore and Concentration will reduce the casting time and voodoo power cost.

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