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At notoriety level 10, the pirate is asked to visit Elizabeth Swann, who promises to teach them how to use a new weapon. She, in turn, sends them to Will Turner to make them a set of special daggers.

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Name Task Reward
Visit Elizabeth Swann Visit Elizabeth Swann in Governor's Mansion on Port Royal. 500 Notoriety Points
Visit Will Turner Visit Will Turner in the Old Warehouse on Port Royal. 100 Notoriety Points
Sterling Silver Ingots Recover 3 silver ingots from East India Trading Co Sentinel ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Fine Steel Rods Recover 3 steel rods from Navy Panther ships. 100 Notoriety Points
Tongs Recover tongs from 14 Undead Witchdoctors. 100 Notoriety Points
Coal Recover a bucket of coal from a barrel. 100 Notoriety Points
Bones Recover Bones from 14 Undead Brutes 100 Notoriety Points
Visit Elizabeth Swann Visit Elizabeth Swann. 100 Notoriety Points
Recover Message Recover a message from a East India Trading Co Corvette ship. 100 Notoriety Points
Visit Will Turner Visit Will Turner. 100 Notoriety Points
Deliver Knives Take the knives to Elizabeth Swann. 500 Notoriety Points
Use of Daggers and Throwing Knives.

Note: Additional daggers or throwing knives can be purchased at any blacksmith or found in loot drops, but they can only be used after this quest.

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