Weapon Groups are families of similar weapons or items with similar abilities or theme.

All weapons within a group have at least one common ability. Weapons in the same group usually look the same (with some exceptions). Different kinds of weapons in the same group usually have similar names across weapon types (with some exceptions).

Each weapon type within a group has several models, each getting a higher attack power, rarity, abilities and skill bonuses than the previous. Each higher version may have a higher boost or gain a new ability or skill boost, but it may not lose an ability.

If a weapon has a boost to a Combo skill, a higher version of the weapon may have a boost to a more powerful combo skill (ex: if one has a boost to Cleave, a higher version of it may have a boost to Flourish).

Admiral Group

Quarter Master's, First Mate's, Lieutenant's, Commander's, Captain's, Commodore's, Vice Admiral's, Admiral's

Admiral Broadswords

Admiral's Broadsword Group

屏幕快照 2019-02-23 下午5.53.15 First Mate's Broadsword Lieutenant's Broadsword Card Commander's Broadsword Card Captain's Broadsword Commodore's Broadsword Vice Admiral's Broadsword Card Admiral's Broadsword Card

Admiral Cutlasses

Admiral's Cutlass Group

Quarter Master's Cutlass Card First Mate's Cutlass Card Lieutenant's Cutlass Card Commander's Cutlass Card Captain's Cutlass Card Commodore's Cutlass Card Vice Admiral's Cutlass Card Admiral's Cutlass Card

Admiral Sabres

Admiral's Sabre Group

Quarter Master's Sabre Card First Mate's Sabre Card Lieutenant's Sabre clearer Commander's Sabre Card Captain's Sabre Card Commodore's Sabre Card Vice Admiral's Sabre Card Admiral's Sabre Card

Assassin's Cutlass Group

Poisoned, Venomed, Assassin's

Assassin's Cutlass Group

Poisoned Cutlass Card Venomed Cutlass Card Assassin's Cutlass Card

Baneblast Repeater Group

Wicked, Dread, Baneblast, Skullbone

Skullbone Repeater Group

Wicked Repeater 2010-11-03 DreadRepeater
Baneblast Repeater - clearer Skullbone repeator pistol

Battle Bayonet Group

Battle, Combat, War

War Bayonet Group

Combat Bayonet Battle Bayonet War Bayonet

Bayou Group

Survival, Wilderness, Jungle, Swamp, Bayou

Bayou Daggers

Bayou Daggers

Survival Dagger Card Wilderness Dagger Card Jungle Dagger Card Swamp Dagger Card Bayou Dagger Card

Bayou Throwing Knives

Bayou Knives

SurvivalThrowingKnives WildernessThrowingKnives Jungle Throwing Knives Swamp Throwing Knives Bayou Throwing Knives

Bloodfire Group

Bloodfire Cutlass, Bloodfire Sabre, Bloodfire Broadsword

Bloodfire Group

BloodfireCutlass Bloodfire sabre Bloodfire broad

Bruiser Cutlass Group

Brute's, Brawler's, Bruiser's

Bruiser's Cutlass Group

Brute's Cutlass Card Brawler's Cutlass Card Bruiser's Cutlass Card

Cleansing Doll Group

Cleansing, Purification, Sacred Rituals

Cleansing Doll Group

Doll of Cleansing DollofPurification Doll of Sacred Rituals - clearer

Cloth Cannon Ram Group

Cloth, Padded

Cloth Rams Group

Cloth Cannon Ram Padded Cannon ram

Cobra Pistol Group

Rattler, Cobra, Bush Master

Bush Master Pistol Group

Rattler Pistol Cobra Pistol Bush Master Pistol - clearer

Conquistador Doll Group

Soldier, Hero, Fencer, Swordsman, Conquistador, Treasure Hunter

Conquistador Doll Group

SoldierDoll Hero Doll
Fencer Doll Swordsman doll
Conquistador Doll - clearer TreasureHunterFake

Crab Sticker Bayonet Group

Crab, Pig, Gator, Shark

Shark Sticker Bayonet Group

Crab Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-06 Pigsticker Bayonet Gator Sticker Bayonet 2010-12-05 Shark Sticker Bayonet

Crypt Doll Group

Skeleton, Cemetery, Crypt, Carrion, Revenant, Tomb King

Crypt Doll Group

Skeleton Doll Cemetery Voodoo Doll CryptDoll Carrion Doll Revenant-doll Tomb King Doll

Cursed Gemstone Sabres

Emerald, Onyx, Ruby, Sapphire

Cursed Legendary Sabre Group

Emerald Curse - clearer The Onyx Curse Card (HD, Cropped) Rubycursecorners The Sapphire Curse

Den Knives Group

Asp's, Adder's, Sidewinder's, Viper's

Den Knives Group

Asp's Den Knives Card Adder's Den Knives Card Sidewinder's Den Knives Card Viper's Den Knives Card

Dark Voodoo Doll Group

Dark, Shadow, Forbidden

Dark Voodoo Group

DarkVoodooDoll ShadowVoodooDoll ForbiddenVoodooDoll

Duelist Pistol Group

Thug's, Navy Sergeant's, Duelist's, Executioner's

Executioner's Pistol Group

Thug Pistol Navy Sergeant's Pistol Duelist Pistol Executioners pistol

Eagle Sabre Group

Hawk, Falcon, Eagle, Great Hawk, Kingfisher

Kingfisher Group

Hawk Sabre Falcon Sabre Eagle Sabre 2010-12-05 Greathawk1 Screenshot 2012-08-02 17-20-26

Explorer's Chart Group

Voyager's, Explorer's, Treasure Hunter's

Treasure Hunters Group

Voyager's Sea Chart ExplorersSeaChart Treasure hunter

Fang Knives Group

Black, Grim, Raven, Shark, Demon

Demon Fang Group

Black Fang Knives Grim Fang Knives Raven Fang Knives Shark Fang Knives - clearer Demon Fang clearer

Fencer Sabre Group

Fencer's, Duelist's, Musketeer's, Master Fencer's

Master Fencer Group

Fencer's Sabre Duelist's Sabre MusketeersSabre 屏幕快照 2019-03-14 下午1.43.53

Fire Cannon Ram Group

Fiery, Searing, Cajun

Cajun Ram Group

Fiery Cannon Ram Searing ram clearer Cajun ram

Fullmoon Group

Night Hunter, Shadow Stalker, Foul Bane, Fullmoon Special

Fullmoon Blunderbusses

Fullmoon Blunder Group

Night Hunter Blunderbuss - clearer Shadowstalker Blunderbuss FoulBaneBlunderbuss Updated Fullmoon

Fullmoon Pistols

Fullmoon Pistol Group

Night hunter pistol Shadow Stalk Pistol Foul Bane Pistol Fullmoon Pistol clearer

Fullmoon Repeaters

Fullmoon Repeater Group

Night Hunter Repeater Card Shadow Stalker Repeater Card Foul Bane Repeater Card Fullmoon Special Repeater Card

Gatling Repeater Group

Enhanced, Clockwork, Gatling, Master Crafted

Master Crafted Repeater Group

EnhancedRepeater Clockwork repeater
Gatling repeater clearer UpdatedMasterCrafted

Gunner Cannon Ram Group

Hasty, Gunner's, Master Gunner's

Master Gunner Group

Hasty Cannon Ram 2010-12-24 Gunner cannon ram MasterGunnersCannonRam

Gypsy Doll Group

Mystic, Priestess, Gypsy, Shaman, Cabal

Cabal Doll Group

Mystic Doll Priestessdoll Gypsydoll Shaman Doll - clearer Cabal Doll - clearer

Hex Breaker Musket Group

Hex Guard, Hex Stopper, Hex Breaker

Hex Breaker Group

Hex Guard Musket 2010-11-15 Hex Stopper Musket 2010-12-11 Hex breaker musket

Hex Reflector Doll Group

Reflecter, Rebound, Guardian

Hex Guardian Group

Hex Reflector Doll Hex rebound Hex Guardian Doll - clearer

Idol Group

Sun, Moon, Hawk, Bear, Golden, Dark

Idol Daggers

Idol Dagger Group

Dagger of the Sun Idol Dagger of the Moon Idol Dagger of the Hawk Idol Dagger of the Bear Idol Dagger of the Golden Idol Dagger of the Dark Idol

Idol Throwing Knives

Golden Idol Group

Knives of the Sun Idol Knives of the Moon Idol Knives of the Bear Idol Halk idol knife Knives of the Golden Idol

Iron Cannon Ram Group

Old, Bronze, Iron, Steel

Steel Cannon Group

Old Cannon Ram Bronze Cannon Ram 2010-11-26 Iron Cannon Ram Steelcannon

Krakenslayer Group

Krakenslayer Group

Tentacle Terror Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 10.36.25 AM
Krakenbane Sword Card Krakenslayer

Lucky Charm Group

Wooden, Lucky, Golden

Golden Charm Group

Wooden Charm 2010-11-24 Lucky charm - clearer UpdatedGoldenCharm

Masterwork Group

Sharp, Tempered, Engraved, Bejeweled, Masterwork

Masterwork Broadswords

Masterwork Broadsword Group

Sharp Broadsword Tempered Broadsword 2010-11-24 Engraved Broadsword Bejeweled clearer Masterwork broad-clearer

Masterwork Cutlasses

Masterwork Cutlass Group

Sharp Cutlass Tempered Cutlass 2011-01-11 Engraved Cutlass Bejeweled CutlassNew Masterwork Cutlass

Masterwork Sabres

Masterwork Sabre Group

Sharp Sabre 2010-12-24 Tempered Sabre 2010-11-23 Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25 Bejeweled Sabre 2010-11-27 Masterwork

Military Broadswords

Military, Soldier's, Cavalry, Dragoon's, Brigadier's, General's

General's Broadsword Group

Military Broadsword 2010-11-27 Soldier's Broadsword Cakvary Broadsword1 Dragoon's Broadsword UpdatedBrigadier'sBroad General's Broadsword - clearer

Mind Control Doll Group

Hypnotic, Manipulation, Mind Control, Domination

Domination Group

HypnoticDoll Manipulation Doll Mind Control Doll - clearer Domination Doll - clearer

Monkey Group

Monkey, Chimpanzee, Baboon, Orangutan, Gorilla

Monkey Blunderbusses

Gorilla Blunderbuss Group

Monkey Blunderbuss 2010-12-06 Baboon Blunderbuss 2010-12-30 Orangatang Blunderbuss Gorillablunderupdated

Monkey Broadswords

Gorilla Broadsword Group

Screenshot 2010-11-03 07-56-50 Baboon Broadsword
OrangutanBroadSword Gorilla Broadsword

Monkey Cutlasses

Gorilla Cutlass Group

Monkey Cutlass Baboon Cutlass 2010-11-25 Orangutan Cutlass Gorillacard

Monkey Dolls

Gorilla Doll Group

Monkey Doll Chimpanzee Doll Card Baboon-doll Orangutan Doll - clearer Gorilla Doll

Monkey Repeaters

Gorilla Repeater Group

Monkey Repeater BaboonRepeater
Orangutan repeater Gorilla Repeater

Navy Bayonet Group

Navy Cadet's, Navy Guard's, Navy Musketeer's, Navy Veteran's, Navy Dragoon's

Navy Dragoon Group

Screen Shot 2012-04-22 at 2.31.13 PM Navy Guard's Bayonet Navy Musketeer's Bayonet Navy Veteran's Bayonet Navy Dragoon's Bayonet

New World Chart Group

Old World, New World, Lost World

Lost World Group

OldWorldSeaChart New World Sea Chart Lost World Sea Chart

Pirates Blunderbuss Group

Navy, EITC, Pirate, Grand

Grand Blunderbuss Group

Navy Blunderbuss EITC Blunderbuss Screenshot 2010-11-01 07-33-04 Grand Blunder - clearer

Pirate Group

Sea Dog's, Swashbuckler's, Buccaneer's, Privateer's, Corsair's, Seven Seas

Pirate Bayonets

Corsair Bayonet Group

Sea Dog's Bayonet Swashbucklers Bayonet 2010-11-28 Buccaneers Bayonet UpdatedPrivateer'sBayonet2 Corsair'sBayonet copy Seven Seas Bayonet

Seven Seas Blunderbusses

Seven Seas Blunderbuss Group

Sea Dog's Blunderbuss Swashbuckler's Blunderbuss Buccaneer's Blunderbuss Privateer's Blunderbuss Corsair's Blunderbuss Seven Seas Blunderbuss

Pirate Cutlasses

Seven Seas Cutlass Group

Sea Dog's Cutlass Swashbuckler's Cutlass1 Buccaneer's Cutlass PrivateersCutlass Corsair's Cutlass - clearer UpdatedSevenSeasCutlass

Pirate Daggers

Seven Seas Dagger Group

Sea Dog's Dagger Swashbuckler's Dagger Buccaneer's Dagger Privateer's Dagger Corsairs-dagger Seven Seas Dagger Famed

Pirate Sea Globes

Seven Seas Globe Group

Privateer's Sea Globe Corsair's Sea Globe Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 1.16.55 AM

Priming Cannon Ram Group

Priming, Iron Priming

Iron Priming Ram Group

Priming Ram Iron Priming

Robbers Globe Group

Thieve's, Bandit's, Robber's

Robber's Sea Globe Group

Thieve's Sea Globe Bandits sea globe Robber's Sea Globe

Sacred Group

Silver, Holy, Sacred, Divine

Sacred Cutlasses

Sacred Cutlasses

Silver Cutlass Holy Cutlass Sacred Cutlass Divine Cutlass

Sacred Muskets

Sacred Musket Group

Silver Musket Holy musket SacredMusket Divine musket

Sacred Pistols

Sacred Pistol Group

Silver Pistol 2010-11-16 Holy Pistol 2010-12-05 Sacred pistol Divine pistol

Sacred Repeaters

Sacred Repeater Group

Silver Repeater HolyRepeater UpdatedSacredRepeater Divine Repeater Pistol

Sacred Sabres

Divine Sabre Group

Silver Sabre Holy Sabre 2010-12-08 Sacred Sabre - clearer DivineSabre

Sailor Chart Group

Landlubber's, Sailor's, Freebooter's

Freebooter Sea Chart Group

Landlubber's Sea Chart Sailor's Sea Chart Freebooter's Sea Chart

Scattergun Blunderbuss Group

Scattergun, Heavy Scattergun, War Scattergun

War Scattergun Group

Scattergun 2010-11-15 Heavy Scattergun War scattergun

Scoundrel Group

Scallywag's, Robber's, Scoundrel's

Scoundrel Pistols

Scoundrel's Pistol Group

Scallywag's Pistol Robbers Pistol 2010-12-16 Scoundrel's Pistol - clearer

Scoundrel Muskets

Scoundrel's Musket Group

Scallywag's Musket Robber's Musket Scoundrel's musket

Scoundrel Knives

Scoundrel's Knifes Group

Scallywag's Knives Robber's Knives - clearer Scoundrel's Knives - clearer

Shark Blade Cutlass Group

Shark, Tiger Shark, Black Shark

Shark Blade Cultass Group

Shark Blade 2011-01-10 Tiger Shark Blade 2010-11-27 Black shark blade

Smuggler's Chart Group

Merchant's, Smuggler's, Rumrunner's

Rumrunner's Sea Chart Group

Merchant's Sea Chart Smuggler's Sea Chart Rumrunner's Sea Chart

Soft Cannon Ram Group

Cotton, Wool, Fleece

Fleece Cannon Ram Group

Cotton cannon ram Wool Cannon Ram Fleece Ram

Soldier Bayonets

Militia, Military, Soldier's, Officer's, Brigadier's

Brigadier's Bayonet Group

Militia Bayonet Mil bayonet Soldier's Bayonet Officers Bayonet 2010-11-27 Brigadier sbayonet

Spell Binder Doll Group

Straw, Warding, Hex Watcher, Spell Binder, Curse Breaker

Curse Breaker Doll Group

Straw Doll WardingDoll Hex Watcher Doll Spell-Binder-Doll Curse braker doll

Spirit Binder Doll Group

Gaze, Sight, Far, Spirit

Soul Binder Doll Group

Gaze Binder Voodoo Doll SightBinderDoll FarBinderDoll SpiritBinderDoll Soul Binder Doll

Sword Fighter Sabre Group

Swordman's, Sword Fighter's, Sword Master's

Sword Master's Sabre Group

Swordsman's Sabre Sword Fighter's Sabre Sword Master Clearer

Traitor Dagger Group

Backstabber, Back Biter, Deal Breaker, Double Cross, Traitor, Cutthroat

Cutthroat's Dagger Group

Backstabber Back Biter Dagger Deal Breaker Dagger Double Cross Dagger - clearer Famed dagger Traiter dagger Cutthroat-dagger

Traveler Doll Group

Sailor, Seafarer, Traveler, Voyager, Explorer, Adventurer

Explorer Doll Group

SailorDoll SeafarerDoll Traveler Doll Voyager doll Explorer doll card clearer Adventurer Doll

Tribesman Knives

Hunter, Aztec, Marksman, Amazon, Assassin

Assassion's Throwing Knifes Group

Hunter's Throwing Knives - clearer Aztec Throwing Knives Marksman's Knives - clearer Amazon Knives - clearer Assassin's Knives - clearer

Unholy Doll Group

Evil, Wicked, Unholy, Villainy, Tyranny

Villainy Doll Group

EvilDoll Wicked doll Unholy Doll - clearer Villainy doll - clearer Tyranny Doll

Voodoo Hunter Group

Voodoo Hunter, Witch Hunter, Inquisition

Voodoo Hunter Cutlasses

Cutlass of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common Witch Hunter Cutlass Screenshot 2011-08-22 13-26-05

Voodoo Hunter Sabres

Sabre of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Sabre2 Witch Hunter Sabre Sabre of the Inquisition - clearer

Voodoo Hunter Broadswords

Broadsword of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Broadsword Witch Hunter Broadsword - clearer Broadsword of the Inquisition

Warrior Doll Group

Silk, Oriental, Warrior, Nomad, Warlord

Warlord Doll Group

SilkDoll Oriental doll WarriorDoll Nomad doll Warlord Doll - clearer

Warmonger Dolls

Warmonger Doll Group

Swashbuckler Doll Card Buccaneer Doll Card Mutineer Doll Card Privateer Doll Card Warmonger Doll Card

Witch Doll Group

Witch, Bewitcher, Siren, Occult, Banshee

Black Magic Doll Group

WitchDoctorDoll Bewitcher doll Siren Doll Occult Doll Banshee Black Magic Doll

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