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Voodoo Damage is a very special ability that allows a pirate to deplete a foe's voodoo energies, making it valuable when dealing with dangerous voodoo-using enemies. It is very similar to Hex-Eater Shot because on every attack it drains voodoo from the enemy.

Voodoo damage is always in purple, shown over the damage done to the enemy.

Weapons With This Skill

These weapons are known to have the Voodoo Damage ability:


The Dark mutineer.jpg Sword of Decay.jpg
Cutlass of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Cutlass - Common.jpg Witch Hunter Cutlass.jpg Screenshot 2011-08-22 13-26-05.jpg


Treachery.png Deepwater Blade.jpg
Broadsword of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Broadsword.jpg Witch Hunter Broadsword - clearer.png Broadsword of the Inquisition.jpg


Emerald Curse - clearer.png
Sabre of the Inquisition Group

Voodoo Hunter Sabre2.jpg Witch Hunter Sabre.jpg Sabre of the Inquisition - clearer.png