Weapon Card
Vice Admiral's Sabre - clearer
Break attack Captain's Resolve Rank 4
Boost(s) Cyclone Cut +2

Endurance +2

Attack power 56
Group Admiral Sabre Group
Location Can only be found in loot at sea.
Rarity Famed
Required level 27
Value 969 Gold
Weapon Model
Sabre E

Vice Admiral's Sabre is a very hard to find Famed Sabre that has a very strong attack with boosts to the skills Cyclone Cut +2 and Endurance +2. It also has an ability unique to the Admiral Group called Captain's Resolve, that heals all fellow pirates that are nearby.

Admiral's Sabre Group

Quarter Master's Sabre First Mate's Sabre Lieutenant's Sabre fixed CommandersSabre Captain's Sabre Commodore's Sabre Vice Admiral's Sabre - clearer Admirals Sabre

 Game Note

  • By looting at sea, many forget this also includes by fishing.

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