Weapon Card
Vice Admiral's Broadsword Card
Break attack Captain's Resolve Rank 4
Boost(s) Jumping Slash +2
Endurance +2
Attack power 82
Group Admiral Broadsword Group
Location Can only be found in loot at sea.
Rarity Famed
Required level Sword 28
Value 993 Gold
Weapon Model
Broadsword D

The Vice Admiral's Broadsword is a Famed Broadsword and is the seventh Weapon of the the Admiral Broadsword Group. This Famed Broadsword gives the Captain's Resolve Break Attack which allows a pirate to use their inspiring influence to help nearby allies keep their fighting spirit up. The +2 boost to the Jumping Slash skill and the +2 boost to the Endurance skill helps make this weapon even more deadly while also increasing its users maximum health.

Admiral's Broadsword Group

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