Boss Icon
Venom Lash
Enemy type Dread Scorpion
Health 3,250-8,750
Level(s) 13-20
Location(s) Rumrunner's Isle

Venom Lash is a massive Dread Scorpion Boss that stalks the shores of Rumrunner's Isle, sunning himself on the beach. He appears from levels 13-20, surrounded by other Dread Scorpions in his colony.

Venom Lash must be killed as part of the Pirate Blade Upgrade Quest. So, lower pirates should consider bringing a mate along to help.

Venom Lash

Game Notes

  • For a time, he was a regular resident of the Wildwoods, but that space is now home to Malicioso.
  • It is a good tactic to use a firearm against this creature to stay out of reach of his poisonous sting and crushing claws.
  • Venom Lash will respawn in the same location every time.


Venom lash location
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