Weapon Card
Valentine's Heart Grenade Card
Attack ability 11
Break attack Captain's Resolve 1
Boost(s) Ignore Pain Rank 1
Cost Quest Reward
Rarity Rare
Required level Grenade 2
Value 150 Gold
Weapon Model
Valentine Heart Grenade

The Valentine's Heart Grenade is a rare grenade which can only be obtained during the Valentine's Holiday event by completing the Valentine's Day Quest.

It is also available at Quest Reward Vendors in any gunsmith shop, IF the pirate has completed the quest.

This special item turns all of the pirate's grenades into heart shapes.

It possesses a unique ability to heal nearby allies while the pirate is using to harm their enemies. And it can help minimize the effects of pain.

Game Note

This grenade was not part of Pirates Online but added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.

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