Gypsy Valentina 2
Occupation Gypsy
Location Name Los Padres
Island Name Padres del Fuego
Gypsy picon

Valentina is a gypsy woman who keeps her presence almost secret, working out of the area around the lava lake north of Los Padres on Padres Del Fuego.

Unlike most gypsies, she does not have a wagon, but she does have a Potion Table for brewing.

Pirates will visit her as part of the Adoria's Family fortune quest, since her presence as competition has frustrated Adoria's sister, Romany Bev.


Tonic Name Description Health Voodoo Cost
Pwater Health Tonic Eases pain, smells kinda strong too. 200-341 50 3
Pwater Remedy An exotic remedy said to cure all maladies 350-461 100 7
Hwater Holy Water Water blessed by the angels and gods. 650-861 250 15
Ewater Elixir The one and only legendary Elixir of Life. 1000-1821 375 30
Mwater Miracle Water Said to cure all sicknesses & regrow hair! 1500-2021 500 40


Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Req Cost
Voodoo Cutlass 20 Healing Boost 1 Sword 5 480g

Voodoo Dolls

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Required Cost
Enchanted Doll 18Hex Guard 1Doll 131,800g
Grudger Doll 25Red Fury 1Doll 173,700g
Magic Doll 24Hex Guard 1Doll 182,590g
Mysterious Doll 29Hex Guard 1Doll 233,360g
Renewal Doll 25Spirit Mend 1Doll 203,680g
Restoration Doll 19Spirit Mend 1Doll 152,520g
Vengeful Doll 32Red Fury 1Doll 225,000g
Wrath Doll 38Red Fury 1Doll 276,260g
Life Doll 31Spirit Mend 1Doll 255,040g

Voodoo Staffs

Name Attack Power Abilities Skill Required Cost in Gold
Guardian Staff 23Warding Aura 1Staff 2323,960
Life Staff 28Nature Aura 1Staff 2626,460
Overseer Staff 16Warding Aura 1Staff 1715,750
Renewal Staff 21Nature Aura 1Staff 2118,380
Restoration Staff 15Nature Aura 1Staff 1612,620
Undead Staff 22Dark Aura 1Staff 2016,200
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