Posted by The Crew on Dec. 25, 2020, noon

12 Days WrapUp.jpg

On the 12th Day of Celebration, the Brethren Court... rested. Whew!

After donning the piratey apparel, we hope ye be enjoying the return of classic Winter Festival gifts like Double XP, Loot and Ship Materials, those classic Candy Cane swords and the special Snow-Covered Grenade, too!

Plenty a' pirates are clamorin' to loot a bigger and better Moonstones drops and to nab those free Moonstone Redeem Codes! Are ye savin' 'em up for that special something ye been pining for at the Yuletide Manor? And speaking of Yuletide Manor, for the first time ye can get Holiday Tattoos thanks to Nikolaus Frost.

We also know many pirates are trying out the all-new Find-a-Crew in the Lobbies for meetin' and teamin' up for adventures! A great way to find new partners or gather ye guild! And pirates now wield more voodoo magic than ever before with our All-New Voodoo Dolls! Have ye' tried them all yet?

Just between us old salts, next year is gonna be a great one for TLOPO! So, best keep yer eyes out for a State of the Game post early in the new year...

Finally, from our crew to yers, we want to wish ye all the Merriest of Christmas', the most Festive of Hanuakkahs', and the Happiest of Holidays across the Caribbean. We want to thank ye so kindly for sailing these waters with us this past year! And we'll be bringing you lot of scallywags even more on the next horizon! Drink up, me hearties! Yo ho-ho-ho!!

Now, give yeselves a bit of shore leave with ye kinfolk and beloved ones!

~ The Crew

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