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Posted by The Crew on July 16, 2021, 9:30 p.m.

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Gather around ye pirates, we have a tale to tell ye today.

In 2009, the Caribbean was under constant siege by a mysterious unknown force... a force so powerful and evil it changed the whole sky green and caused all living creatures to flee into the forests. By the end of the year, the Caribbean was unrecognizable. Previously familiar waters now were completely different, and Pirates began exploring their new world surroundings.

It is widely believed the only omnipotent being who could cause such an environmental phenomoenoun is Jolly Roger himself, but no concrete proof has ever materialized confirming this to be true. Many Pirates are skeptical that the EITC was really behind this destruction all along. There be some rumors floating around the seas of a way to control the winds...

Historical eyewitness accounts tell a terrifying story of total devastation, sheer perseverance, and true heroism of the Pirates who lived during this frightening era of the Caribbean.

It all started on a late January morning in 2009, Port Royal became the first island to come under siege. "The morning was quiet and still, until a series of explosions ripped the island's main town apart..." said one eyewitness. "The crew and I was just about to set sail for a day of plunderin' when we heard the first blast."

Smoke began to conceal the bright morning sky and blanketed the town in a dark shadow of evil. A series of cannon blasts continued, and fire came raining through the town walls as if they were only made of butter. Merchant ships in the harbor were damaged and sinking, their poor crew be jumping overboard to avoid the incoming cannon blasts, and then swam to shore.

When the cannonfire stopped and the smoke cleared, the town was left completely destroyed. Almost immediately, the Navy was ordered by the EITC to rebuild the island. An eyewitness recalls, "In no time the Navy, as directed by the EITC, set upon rebuilding the town at a furious pace. Armies of craftsmen swarmed the island and rebuilt Port Royal almost over night!"

It is still unknown what caused the blasts to begin occurring. The EITC refused to authorize an investigation, and rumors began spreading that the EITC mishandled some explosives and blew the whole town up on accident! The EITC even started calling the destruction of Port Royal a... "blessing in disguise", which only angered the townfolk more and raised further suspicion.

A short time later in February 2009, Tortuga came under siege as well. Similar to Port Royal, cannonfire rained down on the town and destroyed everything. The EITC responded in the same way as Port Royal, by ordering the Navy to rebuild the town, denying any involvement in the island's destruction, and denying any investigation into what happened.

In April 2009, the EITC began to arrive on the shores of Padres del Fuego. It was at this moment Pirates began to realize a trend in this activity. Prior to the destruction of Port Royal and Tortuga, the EITC increased their presense on the islands. "Almost immediately, the strongest of the Company' ships were sent in, and the battle was inflamed into a massive naval confrontation around the island. The Marceline decided to fight valiantly as it suspected that something similar to the previous two affected islands was about to happen to Padres" said another eyewitness. The Marceline guild's army was fighting in what would later become known as the "Battle of Los Padres" (2009).

"The battle raged on for days as the Marceline leaders lent their ships to other pirates to counter the EITC's warships." However, it was to no avail; they had already made their way ashore. "The explosion rocked the entire island and sent a shockwave as far away as Devil's Anvil..." said an eyewitness to the explosion. "Padres was the last island to be destroyed in a chain of explosions that also reshaped Port Royal and Tortuga. Things were changing in the Caribbean and at a quick pace."

After the smoke cleared, the Caribbean had been changed forever.

Now, 12 long years later, the Caribbean is once again experiencing... changes. The original Port Royal, Tortuga, and Padres del Fuego are finally back, but not in their original place. There's be rumors of something big going on. The tides around us are changing, we must keep our eyes open and be ready.

~ The Crew @ TLOPO