Posted by Monger Morton on Oct. 4, 2019, noon

October Peddler Spotlight 2019

G'day to ye lads and lasses! This month we have a returnin' favorite and a new outfit for ye. But first, a couple of reminders. The September outfits will be leavin' our shops on October 31st, and the Caribbean Day outfit is still availble. Be sure ye get any of these before they disappear.

The Raven's Cove Mercenary outfit be a returnin' favorite. 'Tis is a way to honor those who died in that horrindous battle Jolly raged upon those poor souls. May they rest in peace.

New to our shops this month be the Merchant Captain. 'Tis fit for any pirate who dreams of rulin' the tradin' business...uh...On second thought, best not to dream too big! We peddlers don't be needin' any competition after all! The Merchant Captain 'tis fit for any pirate who loves the smell and look of brown leather, and comes with a tricorne to top it all off.

Raven's Cove Mercenary and Merchant Captain will be available 'til November 30th. Ye can purchase any of these outfits from a peddler found on the main islands.

Keep yer eye out for the Garb of the Undead for it be coming soon!

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