Posted by The Crew on June 5, 2020, midnight

Lobbies Now Live!


The long-awaited day is here, the release of the new Lobbies system! This is the first in a series of updates that will comprise our Capture the Chest expansion.

If you haven’t heard, Lobbies is an all-new feature developed by the team. Lobbies will entirely replace the Matchmaker (Lookout) system that you all remember from POTCO and TLOPO. Lobbies will allow us to make more game modes at a more efficient pace, and it’s entirely more convenient for players as well.

When you create a Lobby, a Lobby ID will be generated, which is entirely unique to the Lobby you created. If you choose to make your Lobby private, the ID will need to be given to other players in order for them to join your private Lobby. Once you have created your Lobby, you then will be able to select what game mode you wish to participate in, whether it be card games, PvP game modes, and many more!

On each Lobby page, you will see an option to select the map, as well as the ability to pick your teammates/opponents. This map option will allow you to see a basic overview of the map with a description. Keep an eye out for some more maps in the future!

This feature will need to be rigorously tested by all of you, we know there will be some issues with it, this is why it is very critical for everyone to report issues they experience with Lobbies and we will fix them as fast as we can.

For a full list of all the changes made in this update, check out our release notes.

We thank you all for your patience!

- The Crew

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