Posted by Monger Morton on July 13, 2020, 2 p.m.

July Peddler Spotlight 2020

The heat a’ the summer time comes beatin’ down mate, why not take a refreshin’  change a’ clothes? China Seas Warrior is a favorite, made a’ lightweight black silk, gold fittings and those intricate patterns. You'll look just like one of Sao Feng's crew.

Or maybe somethin’ more imposin’ for you pirates in command - with the Caribbean Lord? Frilly shirt with an overcoat and a proper admiral’s hat to keep the sun off yer head. Stand tall at the helm and show 'em who's in command with this look.

I still has some of the Amber Bandit and The Diplomat pieces from last month if you’re interested. But best be hurrying before they’re gone again.

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