Posted by Davy Doubloon on Jan. 2, 2020, 8 p.m.

January Peddler Spotlight 2020

Shiver me timbers, is it a whole 'nother New Year already?! My th' time has flown, haddn'tit? But I think it's been a good year for pirates, an' here's raising a tankard in th' hopes for many, many more!

But y' didn't come here t' listen t' me blather on, did ye? No yer here fer th' goods! Well I don't think ye'll be disappointed, not one bit! We Peddlers have two fantastic offerins fer ye t' start th' year off in style! We have Admiral back in stock, it's a real favorite with it's big fancy hat an' regal blue colorin'. But if blue inn't yer taste, we also have The Helmsman fer ye more refined pirates that prefer more muted colors and less ostentatious hats.

Or maybe ye've been draggin' yer feet t' come get one of December's sets, Sea Wolf or Winter Mystic? Well hurry up, there'll only be enough t' last untill th' end of this month!

I have a feelin' I'll be seein' ye an' yer gold real soon mates! Ahaha! Take what ye' can, give nothin' back!

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