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Posted by The Crew on Sept. 19, 2021, midnight

Hollowed Woods 2021.jpg

Gather around ye Bilgerats,

Strange things are happening on Port Royal... late this evening, Jolly Roger's minions have clawed their way in. This surely will take a long time to get these parasites back in check.

Hollowed Woods used to be a bustling mining village before some... peculiar things began to happen there. Miners and townfolk started to go missing in the dead of night... and a lucky few who managed to stay far enough away reported seeing devilish red eyes floating about the town. After a particularly horrific incident, the miners blocked off the entrance to the village from the rest of the island, so the evil could not escape... but this blockade clearly has held up no longer.

Hollowed Woods has returned and is here to stay until November 30th!

All your favorite adventures from year's past are back again! Check out each subheading below for more information.

HW Quest Part 1 - A Haunting in Hollowed Woods

Richard Silveredge and Anne Goldfire have escaped from a mysterious place hidden somewhere on Port Royal. The most peculiar part? Neither of them can remember a single thing. The only hint that Richard has of his former life is the faint memory of something he lost. He isn't sure what it is, but with your help, maybe he can find it and recover the pair's memories in the process.

HW Quest Part 2 - Storms in Hollowed Woods

Myrna needs your help to keep the vile Captain Zephyr Windshadow trapped inside the Hollowed Woods Town Hall. He is the cause of all this chaos in the town. He is the one that angered the Watcher. Gather essences for Myrna and prepare a spell to stop the wicked Jumbee master from escaping!

HW Quest Part 3 - Crystals in Hollowed Woods

You came across a dazed Jumbee acting erratically near the entrance to the Hollowed Woods mines. That doorway used to be blocked off before. Something is afoot, but what? Is the Watcher acting up again? Is this another dastardly plan enacted by Captain Windshadow? Or is Jolly Roger meddling again? You must investigate - with the help of Hollowed Woods' steadfast gypsies, of course.

Hollowed Woods Event Rewards

Ah, you are looking for rewards are you? What a pirate. If ye be fancying a special outfit, be sure to go and visit Jonathan Fairbanks in Decrepit Shop for his spooky wares. If instead you wish to arm yourself with the most coveted weapons money, or rather bones, can buy - visit Myrna and May's Gypsy Wagon. Or, if you're feeling ink thirsty and fancy some festive designs, visit Adam Goodprice in Goodprice Tattoos for... you know.

Good luck, Pirates! Happy Hunting.

The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates Online