Posted by Joan Tidewalker on Oct. 1, 2019, 1 p.m.

Hollowed Woods Open 2019

Gather around pirates and heed my words! Today marks the first of October, a month where the veil thins between our world and the afterlife-- it's also when Jolly Roger's magic is at its peak!

The seals on th' passage t' th' Hollowed Woods have been broken and ye can trod there once more if yer a bully pirate! I know th' temptation be great, you can once again find items that are dropped only by bosses in th' Hollowed Woods. Skeletons, Jumbees and th' cursed crew of Davy Jones all give up their cursed bones in loot now, and ye can trade these bones for wares sold by the ghosts in th' Hollowed Woods. They're stored in yer materials pouch, if yer wanting t' check how many ye've gathered.

But the wind whispers t' me that th' Woods still holds more secrets that have yet t' be revealed, only time will tell if these secrets will be a boon or a curse t' pirates! Enter if ye dare, the Hollowed Woods may be entered from October 1st to November 30th. Pirates, ye be warned!

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