Posted by Shamus O'Malley on March 5, 2020, 3 p.m.

St Patricks Day 2020

Top o’ th’ mornin’ to ya, lads an’ lasses! Spring is upon us, an’ some roguish leprechaun has gone an’ colored our Caribbean an Irish Green again!

Me? Ye think I, Shamus O’Malley would perpetrate such deeds? Perish th’ thought! 

This be a time of celebratin’ Wearing of the Green! Peddlers on all th’ islands are offerin’ up a special St. Patrick’s Day outfit! Tattoo Artists have green clovers an’ Celtic patterns to adorn yeself. An’ island Barbers are loadin’ up on green hair dye!

But, not all pirates are experiencin’ the Luck of the Irish, mate. Word 'round Tortuga is Cap’n Jack Sparrow has had a run of misfortune!

Come see me, Shamus O’Malley on the Tortuga dock to start the “Luck of the Seas” quest to help ol’ Cap’n Jack!

Best hurry, ye’ only has from MARCH 5TH to MARCH 31ST!

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