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  • I live in Aboard my ship, the Crimson Widow
  • I was born on July 19
  • My occupation is Amazon Pirate
  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Sept. 12, 2019, 11 a.m.


    Sharpen your cutlasses and get ready to battle against your fellow pirates. The Curse of the Muertos Moon has made its return just in time for Friday the 13th! We know many of you have been awaiting the return of the curse for a long time and it's finally here! The Curse will be live from the 13th-15th, any pirate who is outside during this time will become undead. If you wish to be safe from the curse, hide inside of a building or cave and you'll be safe from the moonlight!

    Along with this update, the Peddlers have stocked the shelves with the Garb of the Undead. If you're wishing to fit right in with the curse, be sure to check out this outfit and wear it proudly! Just like the Curse, this…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Sept. 7, 2019, midnight

    We have great news for all of you pirates who wish to own their own fleet on the High Seas. You can now be one step closer with owning four ships. That's right, there is now a new 4th ship slot available in your inventory!

    Along with this new addition to the game, you will now be able to keep all sea loot you are present for while at sea. Remember to use the new scroll bar so you do not miss anything good in your plunder!

    Skill functionality has also been added to many of the weapons.  They should now apply their damage and effects properly.  Please see the release notes for a complete list of these skills, as well as a list of bug fixes.

    Don't delay, log in and purchase a new ship to fill that 4th…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Monger Morton on Aug. 2, 2019, midnight

    Ahoy there,

    It is the beginning of the month once again! You know what that means, it's time for our latest peddler newsletter!

    The highly demanded Spanish Conquistador armor has arrived to our shelves accompanied by a brand new outfit, the Solstice Sailor! The Solstice Sailor is fit for any fashionable pirate, be sure to check it out!

    Remember to circle some dates on your calendar, the July outfits will leave our shelves on August 30th while our August outfits will be around until September 30th.

    If you're new around here, you can find us peddlers on Port Royal, Tortuga, Padres del Fuego and Cuba. You may also locate the lot of us by finding the shirt icon on the minimap!

    Stay tuned for next mon…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Selena on July 18, 2019, noon


    My name is Selena, and I'm here today to promote a little something to all of you. A few months back, I opened up shop in Truehound's Tailoring. I got a good number of customers, but I thought to myself, "It's been awhile, Selena! Find some new clientele!" So here I am, and here is my little spiel:

    Have you ever thrown away a quest reward and want to get it back? Well, that is possible! I heard there was an opportunity to make myself some gold, so I began sifting through trash around the Caribbean and collected these valuable items. When I heard rumblings of people wanting some of these items back, I knew my opportunity for gold was finally here!

    There are many vendors just like me, you can find us…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on July 14, 2019, 8 p.m.


    The Crew is happy to announce that our Feedback Center is now live on our website! This panel will allow you to report bugs and send suggestions directly to the team without having to log into the game or send an email to us.

    Please note that any issues with your account will still need to be handled through our support email. And of course, if you still want to submit feedback through the game or via email, feel free to do so. We want to hear from you… your way!

    To send in a report or suggestion, sail over to and fill in the boxes with the appropriate information. Once you hit “Submit”, it will go directly to our team to view. You can also find the panel by clic…

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