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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 31, 2019, 8 p.m.

    Ahoy, all!

    As you may already know, today, October 31st, marks the 12th anniversary of Pirates Online. It's been a long road, and we're so happy that you're still here with us.

    TLOPO means so much to all of us here, and we're really excited to show you where the next chapter takes us.

    The game is almost back to the original state it was in back in the Disney days. Only a few more features remain. As you may have noticed, we've already dipped our toes into new content, and we're excited to do that fully in the coming year. Lots of cool stuff is planned, most notably our Capture the Chest expansion.

    Thanks for sticking with us! Happy Halloween, and Happy Anniversary!

    ~ The Crew @ The Legend of Pirates O…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 30, 2019, 8 p.m.

    Help Myrna the Gypsy stop a malevolent force from breaking out in a New Quest: Storms in Hollowed Woods.

    Available to pirates notoriety level 40+ who have completed the quest "Haunting in Hollowed Woods," you'll learn more about The Watcher and the origins of Hollowed Woods, defeat a New Boss, and discover a New Location: Hollowed Woods Town Hall. Plus there are other new redesigns in the Hollowed Woods, see if you can find them all!

    Two new weapons are now availble to loot! A New Legendary Weapon is now lootable from the new boss, but only once the new quest is completed!

    Will luck blow your way and allow you to loot the New Famed Grenade: Breath of Hollowed Woods? Find it anywhere in the Caribbean …

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by The Crew on Oct. 19, 2019, 10 p.m.

    Ahoy, all!

    Behind the voodoo magic of The Legend of Pirates Online, there is a strong, dedicated, and talented team working to keep the Caribbean waters smooth. This blog post is the first of many in a new Blog Series where will be highlighting each position on the TLOPO Crew. Today's post is all about our Video Editor position.

    Video Editors are a core part of the Multimedia Department at The Legend of Pirates Online. Our editors work closely with multiple other departments on the team, such as Game Development, Content Development, and Quality Assurance.

    We have prepared a video that shows behind the scenes footage of exactly how our Multimedia Department produced the Capture the Chest Trailer!

    As …

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Tyler on Oct. 9, 2019, 9 a.m.

    In anticipation of the release for Marauder's Cove and Capture the Chest later this fall, I've been given the green light from the higher-ups in the TLOPO Development Team to go ahead and release the game music for the new map!

    The Marauder's Cove music will be the first time my work will be implemented into the real world of this game instead of inside taverns. There are currently 2 tracks for Marauder's Cove, which I plan on coming back to in the future and possibly adding more. The music is pretty standard for the game, one track is for battle and one for idle music. Without further interruption, let's take a listen!

    This track is really special to me. I've had this melody stuck in my head since I be…

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  • ElizaCreststeel

    Posted by Monger Morton on Oct. 4, 2019, noon

    G'day to ye lads and lasses! This month we have a returnin' favorite and a new outfit for ye. But first, a couple of reminders. The September outfits will be leavin' our shops on October 31st, and the Caribbean Day outfit is still availble. Be sure ye get any of these before they disappear.

    The Raven's Cove Mercenary outfit be a returnin' favorite. 'Tis is a way to honor those who died in that horrindous battle Jolly raged upon those poor souls. May they rest in peace.

    New to our shops this month be the Merchant Captain. 'Tis fit for any pirate who dreams of rulin' the tradin' business...uh...On second thought, best not to dream too big! We peddlers don't be needin' any competition after all! The …

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