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Admin Seal Obsidion Darkhart is an administrator of the Pirates Online Wiki.
125px-Flag of Norway Obsidion Darkhart is Norwegian.

Denne Brukeren er Norsk.

Userbox TestServer Obsidion Darkhart is a Test Server Player!
Userbox played since Obsidion Darkhart started playing Pirates Online in May of 2008.

LevelTemplate50 Obsidion Darkhart's pirate has reached level 50!

Noto50 2 Obsidion Darkhart has 2 level 50 pirates!

Mastered Obsidion Darkhart has mastered all weapons!

War G Obsidion Darkhart is a master Sailor!

PotionsIcon Obsidion Darkhart is an expert potion brewer!

CD userbox Obsidion Darkhart has reached wave 100 in Cannon Defense!

Firestorm Obsidion Darkhart's favorite ammo in Cannon Defense is Firestorm!

Userbox SotL Obsidion Darkhart has sailed on a Ship of the Line on the Test Server!

Chicken dance55px I has a chicken!

LeadershipIcon Obsidion Darkhart has completed The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest and retrieved the Black Pearl!

RavenIcon Obsidion Darkhart has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!

AllQuests Obsidion Darkhart has completed all quests!

ElPatronIcon Obsidion Darkhart is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!

Silver freeze ub Obsidion Darkhart is in possession of the Legendary Silver Freeze!

Emerald Curse Icon Obsidion Darkhart is in possession of The Emerald Curse!

Userbox Revenant Ram Obsidion Darkhart possesses the highly prized Revenant Ram and INFINITE FURY!

Legendary fish icon Obsidion Darkhart has caught all the Legendary Fish!



My name is Obsidion, and I'm the guildmaster of the Lich Lords guild. I'm also a bureaucrat/admin and one of the biggest contributors on this wiki.

I'm from Norway, but I'm also fluent in English.

By joining the Wiki I hope to be able to share some of my knowledge about Pirates Online.

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