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Lich Warlords xmas

Chicken dance55px I has a chicken!

CD userbox NickyLinnea has reached wave 100 in Cannon Defense!

Firestorm NickyLinnea's favorite ammo in Cannon Defense is Firestorm!

Userbox Revenant Ram NickyLinnea possesses the highly prized Revenant Ram and INFINITE FURY!

Barracuda water NickyLinnea is in possession of the voracious Barracuda Blade!

Userbox cards set NickyLinnea has a COMPLETE set of Cheat Cards!

Userbox cheat cards NickyLinnea has 1566 Cheat Cards!

Userbox played since NickyLinnea started playing Pirates Online in April of 2008.

AllQuests NickyLinnea has completed all quests!

User American NickyLinnea is American.

Admin Seal NickyLinnea is an administrator of the Pirates Online Wiki.

Userbox TestServer NickyLinnea is a Test Server Player!
LevelTemplate50 NickyLinnea's pirate has reached level 50!

Noto50 6 NickyLinnea has 6 level 50 pirates!

Icon Tailor NickyLinnea would love to find Lavender Potato Sack Skirt in a loot drop!

LeadershipIcon NickyLinnea has completed The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest and retrieved the Black Pearl!

RavenIcon NickyLinnea has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!

Mastered NickyLinnea has mastered all weapons!

War G NickyLinnea is a master Sailor!

PotionsIcon NickyLinnea is an expert potion brewer!

Legendary fish icon NickyLinnea has caught all the Legendary Fish!

ElPatronIcon NickyLinnea is in possession of the Lost Sword of El Patron!

Silver freeze ub NickyLinnea is in possession of the Legendary Silver Freeze!


NO pirates
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