aka Jason

  • I live in Texas

This here page be about me, Davy Hookwrecker. Not much here except that I love POTCO, but some of the Drama it causes is getting OUT OF CONTROL! Anywho, I love hanging around with meh friends, doing nothing, sleeping, destroying ships with broadsides or deck cannons, looting, trying not to annoy people, messing with cats, drinking rum, all of the good stuff mates! If you need me, Ill probably be hanging around Capn Bounty Hunter Bill, wherever he happens to be lol. While doing none of the above things, I like owning Cadets with Silver Freeze xD. Anyways, Farewell, and Good luck, ye be needing some. May we cross paths, or may we not.........?

The game is called Battle of the Immortals (BoI for short)( that I moved to ). If you happen to 1. Already play, or 2. Start playing it, then look for me. My characters name is BladeBearer

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