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I have temporarly stopped playing the game... I will start up again in a year or so. Sorry everyone!

Some Moments

Me first picture I took on pirates just wanted to share it lol.

Me Mastering me Pirate

My Guide

Eric Redmonger/Sandbox

User Talk:Eric Redmonger/Sandbox

Me and Anne swinging away for our lives from an exploding ship!

My early Staff moments.

Aye me being a little freaked out on where I woke up. STUPID NAVY SWINE

Me Getting Legendary Silver Freeze (While chating to Nicky lol)

About me

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I have been on one week back in 2008 and got to level 10 I won a membership but I wasn't able to use it cause we had to take back our loaner computer. Then I was on for 4 weeks about and got to level 37. I play a lot. And on November 25, 2010 I got to lvl 50. And I also have a sister named Anne Redmonger. I also joined Players Wiki.


Main Pirate:

1. Eric Redmonger

Other Pirates are:

2. Linda Bladespiner <----- sisters old pirate

3. Night Reaper

4. Charlie Dreadwash


1. 50

2. 22

3. 31

4. 4


Eric Redmonger:

Rank: Officer


Linda Bladespiner:

Rank: Guildmaster

Iron Sculls

Night Reaper:

Rank: Officer

Blackjack Outlaws

Charlie Dreadwash:

Rank: Guildmaster

Lunkhead Looters


User American.png Eric Redmonger is American.

Red Eric Redmonger's favorite color is Red.

Special:Editcount/Eric Redmonger Eric Redmonger has made Special:Editcount/Eric Redmonger edits on the Pirates Online wiki.

Silver freeze ub.jpg Eric Redmonger is in possession of the Legendary Silver Freeze!

LevelTemplate50.png Eric Redmonger's pirate has reached level 50!

Noto50 1.png Eric Redmonger has 1 level 50 pirates!

Treasure button coin.png Eric Redmonger has reached the gold cap of 300,000 gold!

SpeedyLouScale.png Eric Redmonger caught Speedy Lou, the racing fish!

Duelist clearer.png Eric Redmonger has achieved the PvP Infamy rank of Duelist!

LegendaryLure.png Eric Redmonger is an expert fisherman!

FogbellScale.png Eric Redmonger caught the Terrifying Fogbell!

LeadershipIcon.png Eric Redmonger has completed The Black Pearl Crew Story Quest and retrieved the Black Pearl!

RavenIcon.png Eric Redmonger has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!

Vessel class War frigate.jpg Eric Redmonger owns a War Frigate called the Golden Trident

Vessel class War sloop.jpg Eric Redmonger owns a War Sloop called the Silver Trident

Spanish svs.jpg Eric Redmonger is a Spaniard!

PotionsIcon.jpg Eric Redmonger is an expert potion brewer!

Commodore clearer.png Eric Redmonger has achieved the SvS Infamy rank of Commodore!

Note: I am using all my pirates with this.

Total Items I have gotten

Famed Items


Legendary Items



Legendary Items:

1. Silver Freeze

Famed Items:

1. Seven Seas Cutlass

2. Dread Spike

3. Broadsword of the Inquisition

4. Bruiser's Cutlass

5. Spinecrest Sword

6. War Scattergun

7. Sacred Pistol

8. Viper's Den Knives

9. Scoundrel's Knives

10. Assassin's Throwing Knives

11. Bayou Throwing Knives

12. Demon Fang Knives

13. Knives of the Golden Idol

14. Hex Breaker Musket

15. Masterwork Cutlass (Deleted do to resets)

Famed Items that I have trashed

1. Steel Cannon Ram

2. Bejeweled Cutlass

3. Assassin's Throwing Knives

4. Viper's Den Knives

5. Knives of the Hawk Idol

6. Viper's Den Knives

7. Scoundrel's Knives

8. Scoundrel's Knives

9. Shark Fang Knives

10. Scoundrel's Knives

11. Scoundrel's Knives

12. Shark Fang Knives

13. Swamp Throwing Knives

What I Want

  1. Thunderspine Sword
  2. Blade of the Abyss

Things I like to Do Where I am

I am usally at tormetna or ravens cove looking for a legendary item.

I dont have a particual server.

I love events like on the gm event i should sandra tew around raven cove I GAVE HER THE TOUR LOL!!!

I also like the thanksgiving event.

Me At Thanks Giving Event

Master Council

Me and me friends decided to make a Pirate Master group. They have one guild but I am not in it becasue I have me own guild.

We play on the server:


Favorite Weapons

Voodoo Staff


Voodoo Doll


Hopes for the Caribbean

I Hope that they add a feature where there would make it that there would be like a curse where enemies won't re spawn until all of them die.

My favorite pages

Loot Famed/Legendary

Current Signature

Eric Redmonger Signature.pngTalk