About Me

I really like to get up in the morning and play on pirates with my brother Eric Redmonger. I am Notoriety 32 and my brother is 50. He is very helpful with getting Rep. and some items most of the time. He was the one to get me my Scoundrel's Knives Amazon Throwing Knives Bayou Throwing Knives Swamp Throwing Knives Viper's Den Knives and best of all Silver Freeze!

Current Level


Achievments in Pirates Of the Caribbean

Silver freeze ub.jpg Anne Redmonger is in possession of the Legendary Silver Freeze!

User American.png Anne Redmonger is American.

Green Anne Redmonger's favorite color is Green.

FogbellScale.png Anne Redmonger caught the Terrifying Fogbell!

LevelTemplate33.png Anne Redmonger's pirate has reached level 33!

Special:Editcount/Anne Redmonger Anne Redmonger has made Special:Editcount/Anne Redmonger edits on the Pirates Online wiki.

French svs.jpg Anne Redmonger is a Frenchman!

RavenIcon.png Anne Redmonger has completed the Raven's Cove Story Quest and uncovered the Cursed Blades of El Patron!

Legendary Items I Have

1. Silver Freeze

Famed Items I Have

1. Scoundrel's Knives

2. Bayou Throwing Knives

3. Amazon Throwing Knives

4. Lucky Charm

5. Lucky Charm

6. Swamp Throwing Knives

7. Viper's Den Knives

8. Bitter End

Famed Items I Have Trashed

Lucky Charm


I am a ghost glitch

Over here i am flying on my brothers ship being a ghost.------------------------------------------------------------------------------>

Here I am in the front of the ship. My advice is don't change your cloths

when in a glitch.--------------------------------------------------------------

Picture 22.png


Celebrations in Pirates of the Carribean

Screenshot 2010-11-25 22-36-04.jpg

If you go the the shores of Tortuga you wil be able to join the party

and get some pork that you can use as tonics. You can also just

have plain fun and goof off with your friends.

Picture 43.png

PlyrCrd of Pete Abred.png

Game Masters I have met

This is Pete Albred and he is a ghost in the game and not a human.

He died in a hut still a sleep. He does not seem to have a guild and is LVL 26. He also has 3 forms, solid form (witch is the form you can see him), non solid form (witch is the form that make him look like a ball of fire, and invisable form (witch you cant see him). I witnessed the form witch he was invisible because he went to cuba to get tonics and a number of pirates went to cuba but no won saw him. When ghost gms leave they faid into a talking invisible thing. here is Pete Albred -------------------------------------->

Some Momments

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