Weapon Card
Unholy Doll - clearer
Attack ability Evil Eye Rank 2
Boost(s) Swarm +2 Curse +2
Attack power 34
Group Unholy Dolls Group
Location Can only be found in loot.
Rarity Rare
Required level Doll 20
Value 36 Gold
Weapon Model
Bane B

The Unholy Doll is a Rare Bane Doll. This voodoo doll gives the user an Evil Eye ability to attune targets without touching them, a great skill when you are far away from your enemy. It also provides boosts to the wielder's Swarm and Curse skills.

Villainy Doll Group

EvilDoll Wicked doll Unholy Doll - clearer Villainy doll - clearer Tyranny Doll

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