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These killers are some of the toughest members of Jolly Roger's skeleton army of the undead, second only to the dreaded Undead Captains.

They attack with deadly sword attacks, and are dangerous to all except higher level pirates. They also use a variety of daggers. They are usually Levels  28-35 (Health 2,450-3,050).

These enemies can be found at:


Dagger Attacks:

  • Eviscerate - Numerous cuts.
  • Sidewinder - A large curved throwing knife that is thrown sideways.
  • Adder - A dagger coated in snake's venom.
  • Swipe - A swirl of the dagger, delivering several light hits.
  • Gouge - A forceful downward blow.

Sword Attacks:


Game Notes

  • If you are a proper distance away from them when you attack (with a ranged weapon) they will throw daggers at you for a short time and then draw their sword, but they won't come closer and may stop attacking altogether.
  • Their in-game model is based on the concept art of Nipperkin.