Skeleton 4
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These members of Jolly Roger's skeleton army attack the pirate with a Voodoo Doll. They can be found on Tortuga, Padres Del Fuego.

Compared to the Undead Witchdoctor, Gypsies have an even greater arsenal of hexes, including Scorch, Grave Shackles and Life Drain.

Gypsies appear at Levels 25-30 (Health 1,950-2,550)


  • Curse - Increases damage taken
  • Grave Shackles - Chains tie the pirate to the ground.
  • Life Drain - Health and voodoo power are stripped away.
  • Poke - Basic Voodoo attack
  • Scorch - The pirate is set aflame
  • Swarm - A mass of attacking insects



  • Their in-game model is based on the concept art of Grapple.
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