Skeleton 4
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At one time, these poor souls made their living burying the dead, and at some point they themselves made the trip to the otherside. Now Jolly Roger has brought them back to serve in his undead army. These low-level skeletons will attack a pirate with daggers. Though not very dangerous, they are loyal. However they can be dangerous if you are a beginner and are attacking many at once. These are the lowest level members of Jolly Roger's army. They are likely the first enemy pirates will encounter.

Appearing at Levels 1-3 (Health 33-84)

They can be found:


  • Asp - A small throwing dagger. Deals minimal damage.
  • Cut - The gravedigger slashes with the dagger. This attack is more powerful than asp.
  • Swipe - A quick spinning dagger cut. Deals maximum damage.



  • Their in-game model is based on the concept art of Grapple.
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