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Undead Captains are Undead Skeletons in the service of Jolly Roger, they are the most powerful enemies in invasions, besides Jolly Roger himself. Once they captained various ships in the Caribbean, but now their cursed souls serve his whim. From observing the health of these skeletons, they have appeared from lvl 30-38 (HP: 2,500-4,250) These enemies are very formidable adversaries, and are the most skilled Cutlass fighters among the undead forces. They use the most advanced sword skills in the game, including Coupe de Grace and Blade Storm! For now, they appear in the 7th Brigade of Jolly Roger's Army during Invasions. Their power varies with the scale of the invasion. They used to be sighted in Tormenta Caves (later renamed Cursed Caverns).

Game Notes

  • Originally, Undead Captains were common enemies looking like an Undead Pirate or Undead Mutineer instead of an Undead Bandit. But they were removed for some reason and came back with the invasion updates. Their appearance changed and they started looking like the Undead Bandits.
  • At the end of some invasions enemies don't go back into the water, they show their level tags for a second and disappear.
  • If a player puts away their weapon just as an invasion enemy dies, that enemy's level will show. This has shown proof that there are level 38 Undead Captains.
  • Their current in-game model is based on Jacoby, but earlier versions looked like Mallot.
The Old Undead Captain
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