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Tutorial is the prologue to the story quests in the game, and is the first quest from The Liberation of the Black Pearl Story Chapter. It is given to the player as soon as the player exits the jail on Rambleshack after completing Pirate Creation. After you finish the Cannon Tutorial with Bo Beck, the quest ends and the Set Sail Story Quest begins. There are popup message boxes to guide you through the quest.


Escape the island of Rambleshack to begin your pirate adventure!


Note: The entire quest can be skipped if the player opts to skip the pirate tutorial.

Name Task Reward
Arm Yourself Visit Will Turner in the Old Warehouse A Rusty Cutlass and 25 Notoriety Points
Practice Learn How to use a sword with Will Turner 50 Notoriety Points
Catch a Ship Visit Captain Bo Beck 25 Notoriety Points
Sink a Skeleton Ship Sink a Phantom Ship 25 Notoriety Points
Return to Captain Bo Beck None

Popup Messages that Appear During This Quest

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