A Player Friend Code is used in the Player Friends feature to let you chat freely with your real-life friends. Once the Player Friends feature is enabled, you can get a Player Friend Code from the Friends panel. You have to click on the "Open Friend Maker" button to open a panel that will offer you the chance to either get a new Player Friend Code, or to type in a Player Friend Code from someone else. A Player Friend Code is a temporary computer-generated code word that is assigned to you and to you alone. Each time you get a Player Friend Code, a new random code will be assigned to you. Tell this Player Friend Code to your real-life friend outside of the game. When your friend logs into Pirates of the Caribbean Online and enters the Player Friend Code, the two of you will be marked as "Player Friends." and you will be able to chat with each other. Your friend only has 48 hours to enter your Player Friend Code. If he or she doesn't enter it in that time, it goes away, and you will have to get another one. But once you become player friends, you'll stay that way unless one of you decides to break the friendship. Each Player Friend Code can only be entered by one real-life friend, and then it goes away. If you want to become Player Friends with multiple people, you should get several Player Friend Codes--one for each friend.

Being a Player Friend means that you can locate your friend online, no matter which pirate either of you is playing in your account, unlike Pirate Friends.

Also Player Friends also transcend games. Player Friends can also connect in other Disney Online games such as Toontown or World of Cars Online.

NOTE: This feature is no longer available and no longer appears in-game.

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