Weapon Card
Aura Ability Warding Aura
Unique Ability Powerful
Attack Power 29
Cost 32,360 Gold
Rarity Common
Required Level Staff 27
Value 1,618 Gold
Weapon Model
Rendered staff 3

Staff harmony
The Tribal Chief Staff is a very powerful Common Warding Voodoo Staff that gives the user the Warding Aura ability. It requires a very high skill level to use this staff. Prior to Halloween 2017, this Staff was the most powerful Voodoo Staff in the game.

Available at Gypsies on Padres Del Fuego and Cuba.

Game Notes

  • This staff has the highest resale value of any Voodoo Staff in the game, even beating out the powerful Staff of Water and Staff of Lava by 118 gold.
    • However, because the staff cannot be found through loot drops, it is impossible to make any profit by selling this staff.
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