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Pirates can earn these special voodoo objects that allow them to use teleportation and travel directly to that island. Each totem, except for the SvS islands, require you to complete a quest to earn the totem.

Teleportation Quests

Once a pirate reaches Notoriety level 7, they are given a quest by Tia Dalma (Secret of Tortuga Teleportation), who has them gather items for her and in return she grants the pirate their first totem.

  • Tortuga Totem - The pirate can teleport directly back to Tortuga at anytime.

Once the pirate reaches Notoriety 12, a quest from Lucinda, (Secret of Port Royal Teleportation), will allow the pirate to obtain -

At Notoriety 14, a quest from Tia Dalma (Secret of Cuba Teleportation) will grant the pirate -

Upon reaching Notoriety 23, Romany Bev offers a quest, (Secret of Padres del Fuego Teleportation), to obtain -

Once a pirate reaches Notoriety 30, they can take a quest from Crazy Ned (Secret of Raven's Cove Teleportation) to obtain it.

Any pirate can always use these totems:

  • Isla De La Avarcia Totem
  • Ile d'Etable de Porc Totem

Use a Totem To teleport to an island, click on the Map icon from the Sea Chest or press the M key.

On the map, islands with a green light next to them indicate the pirate has a totem for that island. Clicking on the Totem symbol will instantly transport them there.

Note: At one time, there appeared to have been a Kingshead Totem, but it has been removed from the map.

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