Tonics are drinks that can heal your pirate.

If your pirate's life or voodoo levels get too low, you can restore them using the 'T' key to drink a bottle of medicine bought from the gypsy. Different tonics will restore different number of points, based on the cost of each one.

Tonic can now be used to Revive fellow pirates who have fallen in battle after having been knocked out by enemies. The Revival is a feature used to prevent players from directly going to jail, wherein the pirate has to use one of his tonics to heal his mate.


Tonic Name Description Health Voodoo Cost
Pwater Tonic Eases pain, smells kinda strong too. 200 50 3
Pwater Remedy An exotic remedy said to cure all maladies 400 100 6
Hwater Holy Water Water blessed by the angels and gods. 650 250 9
Ewater Elixir The one and only legendary Elixir of Life. 1000 375 15
Mwater Miracle Water A potion said to cure all sickness and regrow hair 1500 500 30

Game Note

  • You can sell tonics but they aren't worth any gold (except for Miracle Water which can be resold for 1g).
  • Miracle Water tonics, being common items, are locked for Basic Members.
  • The weakest of the player's tonics will be removed if used to revive other pirates.
  • Pork acts as a tonic in the game, but it heals a lot more of someone's health than a tonic does. However, it can only be obtained through celebrations/events such as the Founder's Feast.
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