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Thugs are lowlives that are usually former pirates trying to right their wrongs, now they serve Lord Beckett as part of the Black Guard. They are the lowest ranked members of the EITC.

Appearing at levels 8-14), (Health 550-1,150) they have some skill with the dagger and are dangerous only to new pirates. (Note: The only time that they appear at levels 3-7 is on the EITC Flagship Sentinel, and Corvette. Some also may appear as higher levels on flagships, depending on the average level of the pirates boarding it).

Game Note: These levels can vary on Flagships as the levels of enemies on flagships change depending on you and your crew's notoriety level.



  • Adder - Throwing blade coated in snake's venom
  • Gouge - Overhead strike
  • Swipe - A stealthy spinning attack


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