Weapon Card
The Storm Sphere Card
Attack ability Maelstrom Charge Rank 3
Boost(s) Long Volley +1
Demolitions +3
Attack power 21
Location Loot
Rarity Legendary
Required level Grenade 30
Value 15000 Gold
Weapon Model

This very rare and very unique Legendary grenade is really more of a supernatural energy weapon. When hurled at an enemy, it unleashes its special Maelstrom Charge ability!

It was originally created by Captain Windshadow to drain and contain The Watcher's supernatural power.

This Special Skill unleashes a lightning bolt from the heavens that strikes enemies on the ground with devastating effect.

In addition, a large Demolitions boost makes the Storm Sphere even more lethal.

It can only be found in Loot after completing the Storms in Hollowed Woods quest, and since it only drops from Captain Windshadow, the Hollowed Woods event must also be active.

Game Notes

This weapon was not in the original Pirates Online. It was created in The Legend of Pirates Online.

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