Weapon Card
Attack Ability Watcher's Visage Rank 4
Boost(s) Poke +3
Life Drain +3
Attack Power 57
Location Looted from The Watcher
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Doll 30
Value 4500 Gold
Weapon Model

The Soulweaver is a Legendary Voodoo Doll that can only be found by slaying The Watcher, the mysterious ghost boss living in the Hollowed Woods. It possesses the eerie Watcher's Visage power that turns the owner into The Watcher herself for a short time.

Its Poke ability increases basic attack damage. And the +3 Life Drain can severely leech life energy from enemies.

Game Notes

  • The Soulweaver is the first Legendary Voodoo Doll to release in either version of Pirates Online.
  • All three Legendary weapons that The Watcher possesses have ghost-like powers, making the user immaterial for a short time.
  • This item was NOT in the original Pirates Online but added later to The Legend of Pirates Online.
  • This is the first weapon in Pirates Online to contain a translucent model, shown on the stat card.
  • The shadow effect on the body of this doll shares the spot as the first naturally animated weapons along with Dark Whisper.
  • The Poke Boost was upped to +3 during the Pyp 1.0 update.
  • A large replica of this model can be found within the Hollowed Woods Town Hall.
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