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The Sapphire Curse
Sapphire HQ Updated Card.png
Break Attack Freeze Sweep Rank 3
Boost(s) Parry +5
Immunities Pain Immunity Rank 1
Attack Power 104
Location Looted from Jimmy Legs
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 633 Gold
Weapon Model
The Sapphire Curse model.png

The Sapphire Curse is a Legendary Cursed Sabre introduced to The Legend of Pirates Online with the Forsaken Shallows expansion. This beautiful blade of crystal blue supplies its user with Rank 3 Freeze Sweep, Rank 1 Pain Immunity, and a boost of 5 Points to Parry.

The Sapphire Curse is obtainable after completing the Raven's Cove Story quest and can be dropped by Jimmy Legs in Cursed Caverns at Isla Tormenta.

Game Notes

The Sapphire Curse Discover Message.png

  • This Cursed Blade was the third of the brand new six Legendary Cursed Blades added in the Forsaken Shallows Expansion, and was found by Kat X The Pirate.
  • An unknown author published a blog post on the TLOPO website concerning the Cursed Blade shortly after, stating that it was once possessed by a Haitian witchdoctor who wielded it with great skill.
  • Having the highest attack of its class and with the combination of parry boost and pain immunity makes its user dangerous in PvP.
  • With the tlopo-rc-v1.18.5 update, The Sapphire Curse has gained a gorgeous blue trail that adds to the weapon's already prominent style.

Sapphire Trail.png

Cursed Legendary Sabre Group

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