The Magic
The Magic is the one-of-a-kind War Frigate owned by previous Marceline Guild Master, Captain Walter.


The Magic was used in several sea battles, such as the Battle of Padres, where it sunk up to 40 EITC ships. Recently, with Treasure Fleets carrying spoils of El Patron's Lost Weapons, the Magic was used to battle them off. It was then seen sailing away, presumably to Raven's Cove.

Duel to the Death

We found The Magic and it was empty! Where is Captain Walter? Tell us!

Somewhere around this time, Walter was sailing with the ship. Out of nowhere, Ezekiel Rott appeared on the ship The crew (not the top ring of the Marceline) watched as both rivals dueled to death. Rott killed Walter in the end, and the latter's ghost appeared on Cuba to tell the tale. The Marceline found the ship, empty, and began questioning Rott's role in it.


  • "The Magic" seems to be a reference to the nature of Walt Disney. The ship's owner even gets his name from the company.
  • "The Magic" references to the Disney Cruise Ship, similarly named the "Disney Magic".
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