Driving the Black Pearl

The Liberation of the Black Pearl is the main Story Chapter of the game. It consists of 3 quests, and is usually finished when a pirate reaches approximately level 30, where the player then begins the Raven's Cove Story Quest, the presumed first part of a second Story Chapter that is still under development. The main theme of this Story Chapter is to take back the Black Pearl from the Navy, and return it to Jack Sparrow, its rightful owner. Doing so involves countless tasks, as well as gathering the crew of the Black Pearl, and a Boss Battle Finale.

Story Quests Included in the Chapter

  • Tutorial Quest - This Story Chapter starts out on the small island of Rambleshack, where the first part of the Pirate Tutorial begins. This first part is optional, and a player can skip it, however, the second is not. In this first part, the player will obtain their first Sword, learn how to man a Cannon, and make their very first frightening encounter with Jolly Roger.
  • Story Quest: Set Sail - Picking up where the Tutorial Quest left off, the Set Sail Story Quest begins after Jolly Roger makes you walk the plank and forces you to swim to Port Royal. On Port Royal, the player receives their Compass from Tia Dalma, as well as orders from Elizabeth Swann, which allows the player to get their very first ship for free. After obtaining a ship, the player sets off to Devil's Anvil to meet Captain Barbossa to obtain their very first Gun. The quest then ends, and is continued by the final part of the Chapter.
  • Story Quest: The Black Pearl Crew - This Story Quest is the longest quest in the game by far, spanning over 25 levels. After receiving a Flintlock Pistol from Captain Barbossa, the player then sails to Tortuga to meet with Jack Sparrow and Joshamee Gibbs regarding how to get back the Pearl. Jack leaves the player in the company of Gibbs, who is the main quest giver of this Chapter. He sends the player all across the islands recruiting old members of the Pearl's crew to help take it back. After the player does so, he or she can assemble a group of friends into a crew and begin the Treasure Map, the Black Pearl Boss Battle, in which the players sneak aboard the Pearl docked on Black Pearl Island, a secret Navy location. After boarding, they must defeat the Officers aboard the ship, sink the surrounding protective ships, and begin sailing out of the island's port, past Cannon Towers. Once out of the bay, the crew will be challenged by the massive HMS Goliath. If the crew defeats the Goliath, they are able to sail back to Tortuga and return Jack's ship to him. Although this chapter is over, there are far more adventures and locations to explore.
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