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The Test Server was a separate game server which only select players could access. This is where new features and updates were tested, to prevent problems when the changes and new features went to the Live or Public servers. Players with Test Access were encouraged to report bugs or make suggestions for improvements. There was a limit to how many players that could be granted Test Server access. Any Unlimited account could have applied, but -

Access to the Test Server was limited to players with:

  • Unlimited Access account in good standing.
  • No violations, bans, or holds on their account (within the past 12 months). Any recent violation of the Terms of Use or the Pirates Online Member Agreement automatically prohibits you from access to the Test Server.
  • A current e-mail address on file with Pirates Online.

Invitations were sent via e-mail. Disney would select new testers from the queue of eligible players who had applied when the need arises, for instance when new features that require more players to be effectively tested are released on the test server.


  • It wasn't uncommon to have to wait months, or even a year after applying, before receiving an invitation.
  • If you were selected for test access, you used your live server account name to sign in to the test server client. However, you had to start a new pirate that is only usable on the test server. You could not import pirates from the live servers.
  • Founders were granted access to the Test Server, without needing to apply for it.
  • The Test Server closed on August 20th, 2013. Players can no longer access the Test game.

Calling All Testers

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