Pirates can magically teleport to their friends, crew, or guildmates or directly to specific islands.

Teleportation Totems

To teleport to an island, a pirate must have found or earned the teleportation totem for that island. The totem is a voodoo object tied to that island. At the beginning of the game, the pirate has no totems at all. But, upon reaching Level 7 of Notoriety, they can begin earning their first one.

Totems are available for:

Game Note: At one time, it appears there was to be a totem for Kingshead, but the teleportation symbol was removed from the island on the pirate map.
Kingshead Teleportation

Home Port

Another option is for pirates at sea, on a wild island or inside a dangerous place on a main island. The pirate can pull up their map and click on the Home Port. The pirate will teleport back to the island they left from. Also, if a pirate is already in another area on that same island, they will be transported to the main beach or town area.

Teleporting to Other Pirates


A pirate can also teleport directly to a friend, crewmate or guildmate. Simply bring up the Friend List (Mug symbol), then click on the pirate's name. The option Go To will teleport you to them.

However, if a pirate is currently in jail, in a PvP match,in a SvS match, on a ship not allowing other people, boarding/on board an enemy flagship, in cannon defense, or engaged in the Black Pearl Boss Battle - then teleportation will not be possible. Also, if the pirate is currently fighting an enemy, they will be unable to teleport away.

Many pirates consider it a courtesy to whisper before teleporting to them.

Game Note: You will have to leave your server to teleport if your friend is on another server. You will also lose crew connections to any crew you were in, on that server.

In some instances, if you teleport to another pirate that is currently loading another location, or is on a sinking ship, you will go to their server, but load the last main island you were on. The following error message will display if this has occurred:

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