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Talis DeCrypt
Skeleton 3
Enemy type Undead Duelist
Faction Undead
Health 5,750-7,750
Level(s) 14-19
Location(s) Beckett's Quarry, Lava Gorge, Rat's Nest, Misty Mire, Cutthroat Isle
Weapon(s) used Cutlass

Talis DeCrypt is an Undead Duelist Boss in the service of Jolly Roger's undead army. He is a random boss, appearing wherever Undead Duelists may appear, even during Invasions.



  • He appears at Levels 14-19, (Health 5,750-7,750)
  • Talis attacks with a Cutlass and he is fairly skilled.
  • He can be dangerous even for medium-level pirates. New pirates should steer clear of him.

Game Notes:

Talis DeCrypt's name is a play on words of Tales from the Crypt - the EC comic book and HBO horror series from the 90's. Talis looks a little like the show's host - The Cryptkeeper.


Talis DeCrypt as seen in-game.

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