Sail take cover This sailing skill can protect a ship and her crew in combat. This skill is unlocked at SailingSkill - Level 20. When the captain calls it out, the vessel is protected from 75% of all damage and the crew cannot be hit by incoming cannonballs.

To use this skill, press '7' or click on the Take Cover icon Takecover from your screen while you are sailing. Increasing this skill increases the amount of time the ship and crew are safe.

Rank Duration
1 10 Sec.
2 12 Sec.
3 15 Sec.
4 17 Sec.
5 20 Sec.
Only with Defensive Rigging Boost
6 22 Sec.
7 25 Sec.

Game Notes:

  • Using this skill will interrupt the Open Fire skill.
  • Currently, there are no know sailing items that can increase this ability beyond rank 5.
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