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Take Aim is a shooting skill that allows the pirate to do more damage by targeting an enemy for a long time to improve accuracy and damage.

Using Take Aim

By holding down the left-mouse button, the pirate will hold the pistol out and sight a target. A bar will appear and begin to increase. The longer the button is held down, the higher the bar will rise. Releasing the button anytime, the pirate will shoot - but more damage is done the higher the bar goes. At the middle mark the damage dealt is 200% of a normal shot, at the top of the bar it is 300%.

Increasing this ability will increase the damage.

Rank Damage+
1 26 to 52
2 33 to 65
3 39 to 78
4 46 to 91
5 53 to 105
Only with Take Aim Boost
6 98 to 195
7 125 to 249

131 to 262

  • Using Take Aim Applies a +3 in Experience earned.

(+The total damage is also affected by the pirate's Gun skill, ammo type, enemy type and any special weapon abilities.)

Unlocked at Gun Skill - Level 4


The pirate's aim can be stopped! If they are stunned or struck by an enemy in a particular fashion, especially a dagger attack, they lose aim and must start over.

Game Note:

 On some types of guns you can't move while you take aim. For example: when using a blunderbuss, you can walk around while taking aim, but once the shot is released, you cannot move while reloading. With a musket or a bayonet, movement is impossible while taking aim.