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Alpha Key Challenges were added as a way of selecting testers for Alpha. The developers made a series of riddles and puzzles for people to solve in order to get Alpha Keys. On the official website, a total of 5 keys were given away in challenges and 2 others given away on social media.


The following are the challenges issued on the The Legend of Pirates Online website.

Challenge One

This challenge was considered "easy" by the developers.[1]

  1. You start with the following encoded string: Y2YL!HP2EAPK22YP2H!
  2. A key has this format: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, where X is a char in range 0-9 or A-F (always uppercase)
  3. 1ALPH2KEY!
  4. Reserve lookup and good luck!

Challenge Two

The second challenge was considered "very easy", and consisted of a riddle.[2]

I live in the depths
Never seen the sunlight
Although I'm pretty much ready
I still need to be tested

When I float to surface
The pirates cry
I scare everyone
Who am I?

The answer to the riddle is the key. One uppercase word, 6 letters.Kraken

Challenge Three

Considered the "hardest so far" by the developers that issued the challenge.[3]

However, instead of complex stuff, I'll just give away the exact steps to get the key!

1. Raise 10666369614354225120 to 16479139101483902597.
2. Take the result and divide by 18074899840695706733.
3. Take the rest of that division.
4. Encode it to hex (remember, always uppercase!)
5. Add the dashes and there you go! That's the key!

If you want to check if you're right in the right track, here's part of the key:


Challenge Four

This was another "easy" key.[4]

The key is in perfectly formatted visible text somewhere in the website. Find it and it's yours!

Challenge Five

The final key issued by a challenge was considered "very hard" by the developers.[5]

Today we'll be playing with ''AES'', ''MD5'' and ''SHA1. Solving this challenge rewards 2 keys.''

''HEX(CIPHERTEXT) == ce975cc4578f4a7005f22ad7182a4d7640a00bd18c6f27c479cebfb1d1778c8b''

''So #1 and #2 are the alpha keys you're looking for.''

Screenshot Contest

Send in your favorite Pirates of the Caribbean Online screenshot to, the best 5 will receive a key to play during alpha!

Send in your screenshots before August 16 to participate.

Winners will be announced August 20.

If you are chosen, we will email you with your key and instructions for creating an account.


The following is a list of winners from each challenge.