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Sword of Triton
Triton Level Updated HQ TLOPO Card.png
Boost(s) Reverse Spin Cut 4,
Windcatcher 3
Unique Ability Tack n' Tow 4,
Triton's Vengeance 4
Attack Power 98
Location Looted from QAR
Rarity Legendary
Required Level Sword 30
Value 38,860 Gold
Weapon Model
Sword of Triton updated model tlopo sideways.png

You dare face this sword?

The Sword of Triton is the sword carried by none other than Blackbeard himself, the infamous Edward Teach!

According to legend, the sword originally belonged to the mighty sea deity Triton. This weapon, which some say was forged in lost Atlantis, channels mystical power that brings dead matter to life. Brandishing the Sword of Triton, Blackbeard commanded unearthly power aboard his ship. Among its distinguishing characteristics, the sword is also embedded with one of the three sapphires of Triton.

Blackbeard's Sword Has Been Unearthed

First released in Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Sword of Triton was later released with an upgrade in The Legend of Pirates Online; extending the length of its blade and making it a Legendary broadsword.

It grants its wielder the abilities to sail faster at sea with a boost to Windcatcher, and deal more damage against Jumbees found aboard The Queen Anne's Revenge and in Hollowed Woods.

But that's not all - the weapon's unique ability, Tack n' Tow, allows the user to summon supernatural ship's towlines and trap enemies in place - just like in the film On Stranger Tides. This ability functions much like the voodoo hex Grave Shackles.


This sword holds far more power than meets the eye, for when a royal bow breaks water, ye shall know her name and that of her enslaved crew.

This post originally appeared on Disney's Pirates Online website:

After several days of intense battle to find the rumored item first, the Marceline Guild has unearthed the mighty Sword of Triton!

Mysteries still surround this infamous blade... How did it come to the Caribbean? Is its appearance an omen of something deadlier yet to come?

Then a few days later...

By now, all Pirates should have retrieved Blackbeard’s Sword of Triton for their very own.

Now a strange shift in tides has brought many a Pirate into heated battle with ghost flagships. Pirates are suspicious folk, so rumors naturally abound… Perhaps this be the will of Blackbeard to draw Pirates into his clutches? Perhaps even the mighty sea deity Triton himself seeks revenge?

One thing is for certain: it be no coincidence that Blackbeard’s sword compels Pirates to fearlessly disable, grapple and board these mighty flagships. What could all this mean for the Caribbean seas?

Original Rare version (POTCO/Early TLOPO)

Sword of Triton
Triton Rare Version HQ TLOPO Card.png
Break Attack Hurricane Slash 1
Unique Ability Triton's Vengeance 1
Attack Power 36
Location Looted from QAR / Redeem Code: sword
Rarity Rare
Value 10 Gold
Weapon Model
Sword of triton.png

The Sword of Triton was originally a promotional item for Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Despite being known as "Blackbeard's Sword", the sword is wielded by Hector Barbossa by the end of the film and the film takes place BEFORE the Pirates Online timeline (set between the first and second films.)

Players could Redeem a code to add this version to their inventory (Redeem Code Sword).

When The Queen Anne's Revenge was first released in The Legend of Pirates Online, the Rare version of the sword could be found in Loot. It still exists in game, but is currently unobtainable in The Legend of Pirates Online. This makes it a sort of special trophy to show how long you've been around!

Game Notes/Trivia

  • In the movie - as well as in pictures released by the game developers - the hilt of the sword features red "dots" or rubies. On the original in-game version, they appeared to be either black or missing. This was changed in TLOPO, where the rubies are now quite apparent.
  • In POTCO, this sword could be redeemed by all players, but only Unlimited Access players could use it.
  • The Sword of Triton was re-introduced as a Legendary weapon with the reimplementation of The Queen Anne's Revenge to TLOPO on December 25, 2021. It was the 12th and final gift of the 2021 Twelve Days of Celebration event.
  • The Legendary version of the sword is the first Legendary weapon in TLOPO to feature a boost to a Sailing skill.
  • In POTCO and previously TLOPO, the Sword of Triton had no level requirement listed on its item card. This implies that it was possible for a brand-new level 1 pirate to both loot and wield it, however after the patch 2021-12-31 tlopo-pyp-v1.8.6, where the level 30 sword requirement was added, a level 1 pirate can now only loot it.
  • The TLOPO community generally credits the player The Guru for posting the first screenshot of the Sword of Triton in loot.
  • The weapon model for the Legendary version of Sword of Triton has a longer blade than the Rare version.
    The Legendary weapon model has a longer blade than the Rare weapon model.

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