Sword (N) -

1. A sword is a melee weapon consisting of a long single or two-sided blade with a handle, which can be held in one hand or both hands.
2. The skill for using a sword in Pirates Online. This skill covers using a Cutlass, Sabre, or Broadsword.

Types of Swords

There are three varieties of sword, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Broadsword D Cutlass D Sabre D
Broadsword Cutlass Sabre


The Sabre is a very straight, single-edge shorter sword. They are primarily fencing weapons. Light and fast, the Sabre is easy to use but hard to master. The sabre uses quick, short hits to take down an enemy, but it requires more hits due to less damage being done.

Note: Each combo move must be learned in sequence.

Sabre Combo

Engraved Sabre 2010-11-25
Name Description Skill Req. Icon
High Cut A quick opening attack.Level 1Cutlass hack
Low Slash A stylish downward swing.Level 1Cutlass slash
Rapid Strike Numerous vicious stabs.Level 4Cutlass cleave
Slice & Dice A spin, followed by several cuts.Level 10Cutlass flourish
Cyclone Cut A fancy finishing stab.Level 17Cutlass stab


The cutlass is a heavier sword with a thick, curved blade. They were preferred aboard ships since they wouldn't get caught in the rigging as easily, but could still deliver a strong, hacking blow. The cutlass is the first weapon the pirate receives from Will Turner. The sword you get from Will Turner is a Rusty Cutlass. The cutlass is also the original blade technique used before the new weapons inventory came out.

Note: Each combo move must be learned in sequence.

Cutlass Combo

Battle Cutlass
Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Hack A quick opening attack.Level 1Cutlass hack
Slash A broad back-slash.Level 1Cutlass slash
Cleave A mighty overhead strike.Level 4Cutlass cleave
Flourish Three upward slashes.Level 10Cutlass flourish
Thrust A fancy finishing thrust.Level 17Cutlass stab


The broadsword is a larger, longer weapon that is double-edged. Its heavier blade makes it harder to swing and slower to use, however, whatever loss it has in speed, it certainly makes up for in its effective and lethal blows. Talented swordsmen can strike several enemies at once with one. The slower swings means the pirate may find completing a combo more difficult, but they will unleash terrible damage. The most skilled of broadsword users can take down a large group of enemies in several fatal blows.

Note: Each combo move must be learned in sequence.

Broadsword Combo

Heavy Broadsword
Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Chop A quick opening attack.Level 1Cutlass hack
Roundhouse A broad circular swing.Level 1Cutlass slash
Spin Cut A mighty whiparound strike.Level 4Cutlass cleave
Reverse Spin Cut Spin Cut in the other direction.Level 10Cutlass flourish
Jumping Slash A strong, swing in mid-air.Level 17Cutlass stab

Cursed Blades

Plaguefire Blade

Cursed Blades are a special category of swords, and the variation encompasses all three classes. They use their base weapon's combo attacks, but each has a special ability like Cursed Thunder, Cursed Fire, Dark Curse, etc.

Cursed Blades are unique in that they cannot be purchased at ANY blacksmith shop. You can ONLY access them after killing El Patron and taking one of his cursed blades. Once the Raven's Cove Story Quest is complete, you can find more. Even then, they can only be found after killing ghosts or a member of Davy Jones' Crew in Isla Tormenta. They weapons are extremely rare. Even for high level pirates, finding a Cursed Blade takes some time.

Using a Cursed Blade has been thought to cause a curse, The Evil Curse of Doom! Pirates using such weapons often check their hand (/hand to preform the emote) to be sure they have not become cursed themselves.

Cursed blades are also unique in the way that they have a black trail following their blade (the only regular sword to have this is the Black Shark family). Two of the legendary cursed blades, the Emerald Curse and the Blade of the Abyss, have a green (Emerald Curse) and red (Blade of the Abyss) trail.

Sword Skills

Combo Skills

Sword combo skills are progressive attacks that require a regular timing to execute. Each move has to be timed to move to the next. Perfect timing will also do more damage. Each following move does more damage than the last.

Attack Skills

Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Sweep A wide circular slash that hits all nearby enemies.Level 2Cutlass sweep
Brawl Fight dirty by head-butting an enemy! Stuns for a short time.Level 8Cutlass brawl
Taunt Pulls enemy aggression and decreases enemy accuracy.Level 14Cutlass taunt
Blade Storm A barrage of quick slashes.Level 20Cutlass bladestorm

Passive Skills

These skills are always active once acquired and do not need to be triggered.

Name Description Skill Req. Icon
Parry Deflect enemy attacksLevel 6Cutlass parry
Endurance Increase maximum health by 4% for each rank.Level 12Grenade toughness

Special Weapon Skills

Many of the common, rare, famed, and Legendary swords found can give the pirate new abilities. This includes: