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The Keepers of the Code Quest or Chapter 5 is a Story Quest that starts after completing Chapter 4 - Story Quest: The Headstone.


In his search for the mysterious and powerful Headstone, Captain Jack Sparrow has sent you to the hidden island of Bilgewater. It's home of the Keepers of the Code - a secret pirate society that not only enforces The Pirate Code for The Brethren Court, but also keeps watch for threats and strange happenings in the Caribbean. Having them as an ally would be a great boon to Jack's efforts and may tip the balance in the battle against Jolly Roger's Army of Undead and Cutler Beckett's Black Guard.

Game Events

After returning to Jack Sparrow, the player pirate reports on their progress trying to recover The Headstone, a magical relic that controls the power of the wind, among other things. However, things have hit a bit of an obstacle after the initial attempt.

Jack dispatches the pirate to the remote island of Bilgewater, the headquarters of a secret organization within the Brethren Court known as The Keepers of the Code. His ally there, Madam Bernadette, has sensed the coming danger and desires the help enlist The Keeper's aide in fighting off Jolly Roger and recovering The Headstone before he does.


This article contains information that will reveal secrets normally only discovered in the course of the game. If you do not wish to ruin this surprise - read no further!

Welcome to Bilgewater

Receiving instructions from Captain Jack Sparrow, the pirate sails for Bilgewater. The gypsy Madam Bernadette has temporarily lifted the protective veil of magic that surrounds the island, allowing you to pass.

Name Task Reward
Sail to Bilgewater Sail to Bilgewater 100 pts
Question Dorbie Danton Visit Dorbie Danton on Bilgewater 250 pts
Visit Madam Bernadette Visit Madam Bernadette in Bernadette's Elixir's & Brews 250 pts
Meet Alaina Seastone Visit Alaina Seastone on Bilgewater 250 pts
See Jesse Tidus Visit Jesse Tidus 250 pts
Miss Maggie Visit Miss Maggie 250 pts
Hide N Peck Search (3) Crates for Missing Chickens 250 pts
I Am The Egg Pirate Return to Jesse Tidus 250 pts
I Have No Philter See Madam Bernadette in Bernadette's Elixirs & Brews 250 pts
Lover's Concoction Recover (5) Vials of Venom from Horntail 500 pts
Recover (5) Gator Stomachs from River Alligators
Recover (8) bones from Golden Skeletons in Gilded Quarry
Recover (5) bile sacs from Monster Crab
Return to Jesse Tidus
Feeding the Shark Visit Ella O'Silver in Black Dog's Revenge 250 pts
Jesse's Debt Win 8,000 gold playing Poker 300 pts
Return to Jesse Tidus 100 pts

Keeper's Trust

The pirate must do tasks for four members of The Keepers of the Code (Daniel Selkirk, Ella O'Silver, Joan Tidewalker, and Oliver Ridgeway). They can be done in any order or even in mixed order. Only when ALL 4 tasks are complete can the pirate return to Alaina Seastone and complete this part.

Keeper Officer Daniel Selkirk (The Hermit)

Daniel Selkirk found himself once in quarrel with his captain, which resulted him left marooned on a small island, not even allowed his prized dueling pistols. Just a few meager things and his collection of books. He was eventually found by Alaina, but his long isolation had a dire effect on him. He prefers remain a hermit, but is still a valuable asset to The Keepers.

Name Task Reward
The Hermit Visit Daniel Selkirk in The Everlasting Falls 250 pts
Some Friendly Advice Visit Jesse Tidus 100 pts
Welcome to the Club Visit Daniel Selkirk wearing a Plain Cap 100 pts
Home Improvement Daniel Selkirk tasks you to help fix up his meager hermit home.
Oak Recover (10) oak planks from Bounty Hunter ships 250 pts
Shovels Recover (8) shovels from Golden Undead Looter in The Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Pickaxes Recover (6) pickaxes from Golden Undead Robber in The Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Nails Recover (3) boxes of nails from Crates on Bilgewater 250 pts
Return to Daniel Selkirk 100 pts
The Daniel Selkirk Library
Book Theft Daniel has tasked you with stealing from books from the Royal Navy and East India.
Recover The Autobiography of Cutler Beckett from East India Office on Padres Del Fuego 100 pts
Recover Volcanoes and How to Avoid Them on a shelf in Fort Dundee 100 pts
Recover My Lyfe Amonge the Pyrates on a shelf in Fort Charles 100 pts
Recover An Abridgement of English Military Discipline on a shelf in Kingshead Archives 100 pts
Recover Royal Navy Sapper Manual from a shelf in Kingshead Archives 100 pts
Recover Acts of Parliment from a shelf in Kingshead Archives 100 pts
Return to Daniel Selkirk
The Bilgewater Bookstore Visit Jean-Ernst Bouge 100 pts
Search for Big Book of Pest Control on a shelf in Bouge & Bowen Booksellers 100 pts
Search for Creatures and Critters and How to Eat Them on a shelf in Bouge & Bowen 100 pts
Checking Out Visit Jean-Ernst in Bouge & Bowen 250 pts
Purchase books for 3,400g
A Book Haul Return to Daniel Selkirk 500 pts
Permission Granted? Visit Alaina Seastone in Keepers' Headquarters 250 pts
Handbook I Recover Keeper's Handbook Vol. 1 from Keepers' Headquarters 100 pts
Handbook II Recover Keeper's Handbook Vol. 2 from Keepers' Headquarters 100 pts
Handbook III Recover Keeper's Handbook Vol. 3 from Keepers' Headquarters 100 pts
Return to Alaina 100 pts
Return to Daniel Selkirk
Borrowed from Bernadette Visit Madam Bernadette in Bernadette's Elixir's & Brews. 250 pts
Bernadette's Bookshelf Recover How to Possess Creatures Using Voodoo from a shelf in Bernadette's Home 100 pts
Special Delivery Deliver Bernadette's book to Daniel Selkirk 500 pts
Restock the Kitchen Recover (5) Crates of Tea from Warships
Recover 10 Chunks of Crab Meat from Monster Crabs
Recover 5 Chunks of Crab Meat from Stone Crabs on Devil's Anvil
Recover 10 Tails from River Alligators in Everlasting Falls
Recover 10 Legs from Caribbean Caiman in Everlasting Falls
Return to Daniel Selkirk
Translator Needed See Alaina Seastone 250 pts
Capture Captain Edstaton Capture Captain Edstaton from the Queen's Triumph warship 250 pts
Maroon Captain Edstaton on Raven's Cove
Interrogate Captain Edstaton 250 pts
Pistol Pilfering Recover a pair of pistols from David Benbow
Return to Daniel Selkirk
Selkirk's PIstols Daniel Selkirk needs his prized pistols repaired.
A Pricy Proposition Visit Jacinto de Algora 250 pts
Visit Bart Barrelbreaker
Bribe Bart Barrelbreaker 5000 gold
Perfect Pistols Return to Daniel Selkirk 250 pts
The Quick and The Lead Kill 50 Hornets in Everlasting Falls under 5 minutes
Return to Daniel Selkirk

Keeper Officer Ella O'Silver (The Gunslinger)

Formerly an artisan gunsmith, Ella O'Silver seems to focus more on socializing, drinking and fleecing the sheep at Poker on Bilgewater. The pirate will need to help her prepare the islands defenses.

Name Task Reward
The Gunslinger Visit Ella O'Silver in Black Dog's Revenge 250 pts
This One's On Me Pay Doggerel Dan 999 Gold
Return to Ella
Deal Me In Win 5000 in Blackjack
Win 5000 in Poker
Return to Ella
Why is the Rum Always Gone Speak to Doggeral Dan 250pts
Bilgewater Rum Dig up (3) Rum Caches on Bilgewater
Everlasting Falls Rum Dig up (2) Rum Caches in Everlasting Falls
Return to Doggeral Dan
Speak to Nell Bilgehayes
Recover (10) Chunks of Crab Meat from Monster Crab
Return to Nell Bilgehayes
Return to Ella
All That Sparklers Recover Chinese Fireworks from (2) Barrels on Fort Dundee 250pts
Return to Ella
Sweating Bullets Visit Jacinto de Algora 300pts
Bulletcraft Gather the items Jacinto de Algora needs to make silver bullets 250 pts
No Silver Bullet Without... Recover (10) crates of silver bars from EITC Frigates
Jump the Gunpowder Recover (10) barrels of gunpowder from EITC Sloops
Must Get Muskets Recover (10) musket crates from EITC Galleons
Be Grenade, Be Very Grenade Recover (8) grenade pouches from Urchinfist
Return to Jacinto
Return to Ella
Mighty Neighborly Visit Pyramus
Gonna Need a Bigger Shoe Kill Unwanted Houseguest Yellowjacket
Return to Pyramus
Mixology Brew (5) Lively Bucko Brew IV's
Return to Pyramus
Freshly Brewed Return to Ella 250pts

Keeper Officer Joan Tidewalker (The Empath)

Not quite a gypsy, Joan Tidewalker has some other worldly powers that allows her to sense people's emotions and thoughts and she can even divine things from the air and ground around her. The locals find her ability to divvy water handy but many are weary of her 'gifts'. Joan will need your help stocking up on provisions as well as finding out the mysteries of The Gilded Quarry.

Name Task Reward
The Empath Visit Joan Tidewalker in The Great Hall 250 pts
The Well Runs Dryfoot Visit Louis Dryfoot 250 pts
Black Powder Recover (5) Kegs of Powder from Navy Predator
Know the Ropes Recover (5) ropes from Navy Man-O-War
Bailing Buckets Recover (5) buckets from Navy Monarch
Return to Louis Dryfoot
Return to Joan Tidewalker
The Cupboard is Bare Visit Butcher Bill 250 pts
Shopping Spree Recover (5) Wheels of Cheese from EITC Barracuda
Recover (5) Chickens from EITC Corsair
Recover (5) Crated of Dried Meat from EITC Warlord
Recover (5) Sacks of Grain from EITC Behemoth
Recover (5) Pigs from EITC Juggernaut
Return to Butcher Bill
Return to Joan Tidewalker
Sensitive Business Visit Guard Dog Donnie at Bilgewater Jail 250 pts
Fetch Recover (1) tin of dog biscuits from an En Garde warship
Return to Donnie
Visit Jumping Jeremiah Visit Jumping Jeremiah by The Great Hall 250 pts
Make a Clap O'Thunder potion
Search for clues around the Protection Totem
Return to Joan Tidewalker
Hold the Line Joan Tidewalker has sent you to fight back the flood of enemies pouring into The Everlasting Falls.
Krill-er Crustaceans Kill (10) Monster Crab
Buzz Kill Kill (10) Yellow Jackets
Hornet Hunt Kill (5) Striped Hornet
Return to Joan Tidewalker
Visit Charity Ironflint Visit Charity Ironflint in the Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Gold Looters Kill (4) Golden Undead Looter
Gold Robbers Kill (4) Golden Undead Robber
Return to Joan Tidewalker

Keeper Officer Oliver Ridgeway (The Former Marine)

During his Royal Navy days, Oliver Ridgeway became disenchanted with the service and jumped ship. His nautical knowledge and his raw strength have been a boon to The Keepers. Though now, plagued by chronic pain from seeing so much action, he relegates himself to maintaining the Everlasting Falls.

Name Task Reward
The Former Marine Visit Oliver Ridgeway in The Festering Fish 250 pts
Navy Habit Kill (10) Yellow Jackets in Everlasting Falls
Kill (10) Striped Hornets in Everlasting Falls
Kill (10) Horntails in Everlasting Falls
Kill 10 Murder Hornets in Everlasting Falls
Kill 10 Caribbean Caiman in Everlasting Falls
Return to Oliver
Aches and Pains Visit Doc Pierce at Pierce's Practice
Ingredients Recover (4) mineral spring water barrels from Navy Galleons
Recover (4) fish oils from Coelacanth
Recover (2) fish spines from Lion Fish
Return to Doc Pierce
A Lil' Something Sweet Visit Sofie Moreau in Le Patisserie.
Baker's Dozen Recover (3) crates of Vanilla Beans from EITC Corsair
Recover (3) Sacks of Flour from EITC Juggernaut
Recover (3) Sacks of Sugar from EITC Warlord
Recover (3) Tubs of Lard from EITC Behemoth
Return to Sophie
Visit Doc Pierce
Return to Oliver Ridgeway

Return to Alaina Seastone after all 4 complete.

The Quarry Query

Having proven your meddle doing basic tasks, Alaina puts you to work aiding Charity Ironflint and Wade McCallister as they struggle to stop the rising new horde of horrifying enemies spawning from deep in The Gilded Quarry.

Name Task Reward
The Quarry Query Speak to Charity and Wade in the Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Coordinated Attack Defeat (8) Golden Undead Foreman 250 pts
Return to Charity
Gravedigger's Duty Recover Bones for Wade to Inspect 250 pts
Bone This Way Recover (5) Bones from unanimated corpses in Gilded Quarry
A Bone to Pick Recover (10) Golden Bones from Golden Undead Skeletons in Gilded Quarry
Grave Results Return to Wade McCallister 250 pts
Them Dry Bones Visit Madam Bernadette
Come, Madam Talisman Recover 5 Undead Captain Skulls from Death Omens 250 pts
Return to Madam Bernadette
Return to Charity Ironflint
Absence of Talisman Recover (10) Golden Bones from Golden Undead Prospector 250 pts
Gold Digger Recover (10) Golden Bones from Golden Undead Robber
Make it Snappy Recover (5) Gator Heads from Caribbean Caiman
Hornet Venom Recover (10) Vials of Venom from Murder Hornets
Return to Charity
Mementos Recover 3 Heirlooms from unanimated corpses
Dig (5) Gold Ore from Gold Deposit.
Return to Madam Bernadette
Gold Crafting See Marie Cartier in Cartier Jewelry Boutique 250 pts
Golden Harvest Recover (2) Gold Ore from Gold Deposit in The Gilded Quarry
Recover (5) Golden Bbones from Golden Undead Looter
Recover (5) Golden Bones from Golden Undead Robber
Recover (3) Golden Teeth from Golden Undead Foreman
Recover (3) Golden Teeth from Golden Undead Prospector
Return to Marie
Black Jewels of the Crown Recover 5 Onyx Ore from Battle-Royale Warships 250 pts
Return to Marie
Return to Madam Bernadette
Eight-Six the Forty-Niner Defeat Redd Kackler in Gilded Quarry 500 pts
Golden Bars Do a Gilded Cage Make Hide (5) Talismans in the Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Promises Kept Visit Wade McCallister in the Gilded Quarry 250 pts
Obtain Yer Reward Return to Alaina Seastone Choose (1) of (4) Legendary Items: Hornet Stinger, O'Silver Special, Ridgeway's Revenge, Staff of Rebirth and unlock Bilgewater vendor merchandise.

Having earned the trust of The Keepers of The Code and aiding to keep Bilgewater safe from threats from outside and within, Alaina Seastone grants you a special reward. Your choice of one of the four legendary weapons carried by her trusted officers.

End of Chapter 5.png

This concludes Chapter 5.

Game Notes

  • This quest and The Keepers of the Code were NOT part of the original Pirates Online but created by The Legend of Pirates Online.